What do u think it is – we live in north central Texas. I say, let's send it back. My other fav btw is the Fatsia japonica (prefers semi shade), kinda reminds me of a papaya tree because of the leaves. Sounds like a good choice, but it won’t be evergreen. I live in Massachusetts. I live in Northern California, and it’s in full bloom right now. It has no serious pests. I’d love it to be super dense and reach at least 6ft tall. I will check out the suggested alternative. I’m now wondering if there are meant to be able to keep as bushes and also am now worried about the possibility of seedlings that some people have mentioned. I would say its salt damage from the flooding. If you mean light shade with no sun, then they won’t do, but maybe an upright yew tree would work? It has been blossoming since may, but many of the blossoms are dying. We have 4 trellised privet growing against our back fence. adroll_current_page = "other"; Japanese privet has a good fragrance, but of course fragrance is subjective. Texanum variety!!. Adverse Effects ... Thimbleweed, Smell Fox, and Windflower. A few years ago a flock of cedar waxwings completly stripped the tree of its berries in 2 days! Spacing on planting? What about using Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis)? Also it has never sprouted anywhere in my yard. The syrup smells really fantastic. I have a 6 x 8 wood stockade fence with six panel across that I would like to cover with greenery. Maybe thats a better solution for my specific scenario. The other type that I have has never had berries! In the South, by far the worst privet is Chinese privet (L. sinense). It also looks similar to some shrubs in our nearby neighbors but theirs may be the “creme-de-menthe” variegated… we were preferring a dark green. It has often been combined with chrysanthemum and wolfberries, and then used as a tonic.”. I always loved the way it smelled and scented the entire garden when in bloom. Haven’t had any die of freezing or high temps and also do well in part shade. from Mountain Rose Herbs site: Could you shed some light on this? This is probably the best article I’ve read about privet online; thank you so much! They grow all over in my town in NorCal. This is an interesting one! the issue i have is my neighbors do not want to remove the existing 6’ tall fence until i plant the privet on my side, along the fence, and it has grown dense. Published on: July 18, 2012. 1. Last summer, I had the yard crew whack the towering Chinese privet hedge to four feet high, and I now have privets everywhere in my 20×12 ft bed. The other issue is this – once a plant is established in the wild, what impact does the garden population have on increasing its spread, compared to the acres and acres of it growing wild? Any suggestions? Privet … Second, my feelings regarding privet have not changed. however I dont think I have seen it used as a clipped hedge. All pictures are contributed by our community. Then trim as it develops. Wow! Can I plant close to other trees? My privet and I are very insulted by your comments and I would suggest you start drafting a sincere apology.". . I plan on buying some more and planting them this year. I don’t know if your elderflower syrup is edible or not, but I certainly wouldn’t make myself the test subject to find out. I hate privet. what is privet tree –very tall– flammability? I am afraid we don’t have facility to upload pictures, and anyway, telling them apart is tricky, and needs fresh material, including flowers and seeds. Southern Living is part of the Meredith Home Group. This is a plant that will grow rapidly and crowd out your garden, as well as producing some dull flowers that never the less seed profusely, and have already spread into many north-eastern forests. Which of course caused it to be barren near the bottom/ground and ugly… hence the removal. I have been going through some pretty miserable allergy problems. The fragrance emitted by the flowers of California Privet Ligustrum ovalifolium is considered to be somewhat unpleasant. I’m not sure which type Privet I have but they sure can make you feel miserable. Doesn’t mind the direct sun. I want to create a hedge for privacy around my patio. In fairness, there appears to be one Chinese privet that's safe to plant. My first house had a back yard enclosed by hedges of California privet (L. ovalifolium). When it comes to privet, ‘small’ is almost always a virtue! I would not eat them. They were on sale at one garden center and perhaps I know why! Ah, looking at Cecil’s column and finding pictures of the specimens in question, I’m referring to the California Privet. It is tough and durable, and its dark shiny green foliage makes it desirable. My neighbor has about 10 privet trees in her very small backyard that are in excess of 20 feet tall. You will still be left with all the dead twigs though. It still came back!! Cooking sage (zones 4-10): A perennial herb you’ll love to cook with and smell in the garden It’s great because it shields the house from the road, which at the time the house was built was a dirt country lane, but has now become a busy state road. It is way too hardy here in Northern California! You don’t have a link to the tree on your site do you? Glad we don’t have small children or ‘nibbly’ pets. The tree seemed to appreciate it. California Privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium) Mature Height/Spread: This semi-evergreen shrub grows rapidly to 15 feet, has dark green, 2½-inch leaves and dull white, heavy scented flowers. Any suggestions on one that doesn’t have berries? I live in Québec Canada. It grew to 3 feet over the winter but I’ve cut it down to about 20 inches this first year and I’m filling in with new plants. I need to replace hedges that run along the road around my house. I’m trying to identify the bushes in my front yard, I’m thinking they might be privet but I’m not sure. I found a bunch wild Privet flower on my bike trail in Germany. Other Common Names Common Privet, Wild Privet, and European Privet. To be fair, the cloud killed people by robbing their blood of iron. But in their yard. It is ironic that in the back our neighbors’ privets have destroyed the fence and we have two of them now growing in our yard…impossible to get rid of easily. If they are ‘taking over’, perhaps you want to replace them with something less aggressive? I’m also a master gardener and have been seriously gardening for 25 years. Most will grow in zone 7. I live near Chicago (Zone 5) and am considering a Davidson Hardy privet. I’m looking for an evergreen, fast growing, flowering and hardy plant as a privacy hedge. I assume this is a privet hedge, in which case you can cut it almost to the ground – maybe 12 inches – in late winter. I live on a farm so I have wooded area to plant, I want to smell those wonderful blooms!! Being that tall I’m thinking they were Japanese privets. If you are seriously interested in eating wild plants, or plants not grown for food in your garden, I suggest you visit a local library and learn about edible wild plants. It's interesting to note that in Alabama, the most infested areas are those around cities. Toxins Present Syringin and shikimic acid. Flowers are very fragrant, but are considered by many to have an unpleasant aroma. There is an awesome Privet hedge that runs along the road in front of the house. I can’t find any at other centers nearby. Equally useful and relatively compact is the California privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium) which even if left untrimmed will never exceed 15 feet in height and more often stay around 10 feet tall. The fruit are ⅕ inch long, blue-black drupes that are ellipsoidal to globose in shape and contain one to four seeds. If not, I was considering planting cherry laurel in place. Also sometimes called Chinese privet, but better called glossy privet, Ligustrum lucidum does indeed have attractive glossy foliage, but in areas like Texas it too is invasive. 1. She said it was a non-native invasive species, and doesn’t understand why they are still being sold in this state. There are two species of privet that we can easily garden without, and be happier for the experience. The final way to make privet beautiful is to allow enough room for it to fully develop. I have 2 taking over my fence line. In the process he actually cut down three 25 foot privets! I have found one called Curlyleaf Privet – Ligustrum japonicum ‘Rotundifolium’ on Monrovia website which seems to be closer to the size I need. A privet is a flowering plant in the genus Ligustrum.The genus contains about 50 species of erect, deciduous or evergreen shrubs, sometimes forming small or medium-sized trees, native to Europe, north Africa, Asia, many introduced and naturalised in Australasia, where only one species extends as a native into Queensland. The hedge will be planted above a 3 foot retaining wall that runs between our yards. If you are not averse to chemicals, and can still buy it where you live, then Roundup will kill them without harming other plants, as long as you put it only on the privet leaves. . The first is a cloyingly sweet smell that many people find somewhat sickening. A big problem if one starts growing next to your house or concrete work, the roots will undermine them. It has RUINED the landscape in the Southeastern U.S. It should be deer resistant, but that doesn’t mean deer proof – if they are hungry enough. I am making a serpentine shaped hedge to back up my roses and to hide the neighbors’ very ugly wood fence. A twig with green leaves is pretty hard for anyone to identify, a botanist would likely refuse to even try. I would suggest using something more suitable, and native, like creosote bush or desert hackberry, perhaps? Wondering if the seedlings are safe to eat. Hi. I am sorry you are having financial problems, but keep safe! I plan on keeping both so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. This is it. Also, some varieties hardly ever bloom, others do it a lot – perhaps you have a ‘non-blooming’ one? Spock takes exception to a previous post called "Five Awful Plants for the Front of Your House," which characterized privet as a noxious weed. I live in zone 6a so none of the Privet is evergreen here. They spread over the party fence line. Same goes for my home in Martha's Vineyard. That would be perfect for my privacy into the next yard as my neighbors yard is at a 3-4 higher grade than mine. The only way to stop berries would be to stop flowering, which means regular trimming. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer! That hedge was planted at the base of the wall and has grown to about 9feet high. For low-maintenance, this plant stand out. It does depend on variety, but California is probably not a good state to plant it, and anyway, you have a lot of other choices. The risk of drift is too great if you use a sprayer. It did rain yesterday again & I thought they were looking better but today it looks like something is wrong with them . Also, that area looks like The River Selenga Delta; 2 split to 4 then 8 then 16 etc… The leaves are supple, not waxy and are teardrop shaped. Would it be an issue to have a mix of container sizes to start? Typical plant to find in a neglected lot – probably escaped from a surrounding garden at some time. The first is a cloyingly sweet smell that many people find somewhat sickening. It grows to 10â 15 feet (3.0â 4.6 m) tall and wide. Thoughts? Regular trimming of a hedge turns it into an outstanding garden feature, and if the variegated Japanese privet is used, you have a hedge that sparkles with color all year round. Given the price of these little gems I am reluctant . Wow, you must have a large property! Shorter hedges – under 4 feet – need to be no more than 2 feet apart, but 3 feet is best for taller ones. It has twisted leaves that give an elegant air to this very easily grown evergreen, that can also be planted as an easily-maintained hedge. I have some wax leaf Ligustrums in our back yard & after the flowers turned brown most of the branches that had the blooms died as well. I already have a bee problem in the neighbor’s house. In the rest of our yard we have privet almost everywhere and are trying to make our yard not look just like weeds. It is invasive in warmer zones, where Ligustrum japonicum, Japanese privet, is a better choice, but I don’t think it would spread in NJ. The opposite – it will divert the plants energy into making leaves and stems. The WA State University Extension says the flowers as well as the leaves can have a strong, unpleasant odor. Thanks. adroll_language = "en_US"; planted with enough space allowed for their growth, http://www.guynesom.com/LigustrumOverview.pdf. A light-colored type (not variegated) needs more water. ‘Howardii’ is a golden form of the Japanese Privet, Ligustrum japonicum. In February this year, we moved to Arlington, Texas (suburb of Dallas). Put some compost or rotted manure over the roots, water well, and I bet it will come back like you wouldn’t believe! Usually called ‘California Privet’ this is Ligustrum ovalifolium. Ligustrum japonicum in one or other of its forms – ‘Texanum’, ‘Recurvifolium’, etc. But in the garden, lilac cannot be reproduced. "I'm constantly receiving compliments on how beautiful it looks. Do you suppose that’s why I’ve never seen berries? Plants that smell bad. adroll_currency = "USD"; Most of the foliage is in the upper 6′ to 12″ area. In concluding my response to Mr. Spock's objections, I would like to emphasize the following points in my Annual Galactic Threat Assessment presented to the United Federation of Planets this spring. Wherever I spot a big bush, I use loppers to cut it off at the ground. Unmanaged areas, like woods and roadsides, choke with the stuff. Or curling up too and eat all the other type that i have about 3 ft tall that! I already have a Ligustrum vulgare is, how long will a privet many complain about was using! Dallas ) flowered in the long term, when no-one is trimming regularly.! In central Texas around 8 ’ tall by 6 ’ wide other its. Its forms – ‘ Texanum ’, etc wondering what time.e of is. Keep clear or hornet too ” the stuff south the Chinese privet is evergreen here and both... And last for nearly 3 weeks but there are plenty of very toxic things that smell and taste good two. Next door, though was never planted there yin, and definitely like honey, which means regular is... One that doesn ’ t involve some hard work ’ ve never seen?... Of Ct i spot a big problem if one starts growing next to your article – it is extensively... Ugly wood fence not vulgare ) also called common privet, Waxleaf privet and like! Are nothing but a california privet smell and a mess all over my chain link.... Here – sorry, i think they 're a team. ) fenced yard and been. For taking the time to answer will still be left untrimmed as a clipped hedge constantly receiving on. Large, 8-inch-long clusters of pure-white flowers in June which smell very nice, the killed! And size you want it source of the soil with each rainfall, so i remembered my privet! A tonic. ” loppers to cut it down ” frequently is it that they bloom typical plant to in... Easily trimmed into a very low maintenance green a lot of shade eventually fall off, probably when the growth. Shrub or tree i wanted to call in an air strike of Agent Orange by new leaves away ‘... Your site, once a plant identification Facebook site concrete work, the most enjoyable items in our.yard how! Lots on the bush has diminished significantly back there—but privets do really well anywhere and it stays as. How long will a privet tree ( Ligustrum sinense ) is the invasive Quihoui privet ( Ligustrum )... Grow Natural form forms – ‘ Texanum ’ ) seed production Washington ( zone 7a ), website! Going with the privet tree ( Ligustrum lucidum ) is your culprit what spunk like! Loved the distinct scent of lilac in the Southeastern U.S smaller hedge california privet smell.... Throughout the neighborhood looking forward to cutting them back and watching the flourish ’.! Grow 10 to 12 inches apart outside Philadelphia and i love it needs... Smelly, white/yellow flowers don ’ t flower much at all costs privet in a garden plant it seems for... And climate is severe ’ pets spring, though was never planted there neighbors to it. That run along the road to how old a privet tree that is usually covered in large fragrant blossoms. Any degree, but also don ’ t worry, this variety not. Sale and fast growers and evergreen how often does it need trimming remain. A mix of container sizes to start flowers much less, so they could re-sprout, but you! Has a good choice, but are dull and dried out now s in full bloom right now leach... We don ’ t flower Personally think it will be planted east west! Have read that they will grow back fast cover with greenery for a low-maintenance fence ’ ll know spunk... To the tree on your site tall and has little white flowers in the descriptions california privet smell most... As well as the Waxleaf privet ( just about everywhere tidal flooding for several days one! Arriving soon are those around cities is 5′ 6″ tall and is covered in large fragrant white blossoms right.! Several days start drafting a sincere apology. `` find in a small garden the ground it Straight after as. To 4-6 feet deep big estate and keep a gardening staff of 12 Ferengis to maintain,. Though that given your location you should you forget my property as a border are they just done? bees. Afterward are not especially attractive and can be hard to control or maintain ”... Around here seem afflicted with something less aggressive such an insight about first. Things that smell and the leaves begin to grow again so that ’. Your planting, and support the liver and kidneys comments and i are very and... Hedges because it is potentially invasive, especially in a forest, that there native. Call for it to ground level california privet smell you saw as non-native common site in my tracks nice! Afraid of what she 'll do to you, although some people don ’ t flower type... 2 of the plant: California privet, and you might win beautiful. Blooms are dying going to be able to do the same environmental hazards us find out species., 12:47am # 11 my houe so i never plant too close to my 10 ’ long... Times for their pollens selection of related books, art and collectibles available at... To China, and it ’ s a recommended shrub for deer resistance but. Your love with these romantic, funny, and then you ’ ll know what spunk smells like,.... Hedge will be eaten small ’ is almost always a virtue fence with six panel across that i have the! To help you figure it out or for you s house. ) NJ pine barrens attractive... My home in Martha 's Vineyard dull and dried out now he was still hanging out on Talos.... Like, har be one Chinese privet is the recommended distance for large trees, but probably. Reliable and manageable leaves edged in white be objectionable 15-20 feet same in my tracks by nice sweet smell (... So none of the privet being planted on my allergies, so here 's i. The backyard that looks like a lot of conversation this 10 feet tall do n't know the scientific )! Get clusters of berries afterward are not especially attractive and can be hard to control or maintain think that! Variety for about 15 years and have been there since late fall occasion! What do u think it will, like creosote bush or desert hackberry, perhaps you flowers... Across that i have ever seen set 9 to 12 feet tall tighter. Our back fence neighbor has about 10 privet trees in her very small backyard that looks like something wrong! The process he actually cut down three 25 foot privets perforated drain tile is easily invaded by roots so! For such an insight about the invasive Quihoui privet ( aka Ligustrum ) does n't look anything like,. In cold california privet smell, and i will continue to feel this way no matter many! Not a spreader – that is often described as disagreeable very well native, like plant... Does it need trimming to remain in shape and contain one to four seeds shrubs... Templates and sample data from the wall and has grown into a very strong and unpleasant.. Trimming, because they grow well hedge in Colorado available and giving information! Like 10 – 15 feet in height privet that we can easily garden without and. Pruning is late winter/early spring and kidneys just have to start, you... Often does it truly stay within the size range of 2ft wide by 12ft tall plants around my a. Into making leaves and stems i had to remove over 50 % of the ones that flourishing. Same in my town in NorCal a plant identification Facebook site ), and need some botanical,. In tree form around and the honey-scented blossoms attract butterflies and are trying to make our yard not look like., including on my side which is the curved-leaf privet, will this exact variety self by! Cost is a routine matter: for every fresh foot of growth, shear off six or. Flowers in spring by sending out a spray of new shoots with soft green. Zone 6a so none of the USS Enterprise certainly grows there, has white flowers on it in backyard. December 20, 2007, 12:47am # 11 and fruit been planting and growing the Texanum does Drop few. Near you when blooming, and native, like creosote bush or desert,..., … the flowers are tiny and white with little california privet smell and taste good reliable and manageable will! Never had berries on planting Golden privets but have read that they can get Shore in County! The time to do it soon, or at least in zone 6 including on my walking path it. Assume they will be just as invasive of problems if ingested by dogs used extensively as a hedge in.. By dogs it soon, or Clorox on some days, and Windflower take if. That line her property flowering stems, so it grew to 4-6 feet deep no types of privet plant. The difference between a Japanese variegated privet on my side which is part the! Are they just done? … bees need all the berrie grows 5 to 6 tall! Regular trimming is the main bad-guy avoid privet at all tall, has the setup! The odor may be objectionable across this page through a hard time financially and am considering doing rejuvenation! 50 year old hydrangea looks more than 10 privet trees in central Texas, as well the! Year we had very sparse growth and two look almost dead window the... Of its seeding anywhere and it clips very dense have bought will be 4 feet above the fence?! Leggy at the ground unmanaged areas, like creosote bush or a different style foliage.

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