However, he is more merciful towards anyone who breaks his other laws, as shown by the countless vampires he kept locked in the Garden instead of killing them, which would take much less effort to do. Hayley tried to convince him to let Klaus go so he could see his daughter, Marcel reminded her that he was raised by Klaus and that it hadn't ended well, so maybe Hope was better off not knowing her father. Alaric Saltzman. Marcel considered using her for leverage but having a code of keeping kids out of trouble, took her to his friend Father Keiran instead, to give her a new life out of harm's way. Marcel suspected Hayley was responsible and told Elijah that The Strix would want whoever was responsible's head. Later, after Davina deduced that they needed the heart of an unsired vampire, such as Hayley to complete the spell, The Strix attacked the hybrid in Marcel's gym. Klaus later calls to say he knew Marcel did not bomb the wolves, told him Kieran died, and he had 24 hours to come help Cami and to bury his friend until his exile is re-instated. The Hollow also uses the face of Klaus to achieve this. It is later revealed that he is a 162-year-old vampire. However, the two celebrated the victory until Marcel returned to his loft to find Josh unconscious and the captive Sofya missing, as the Mikaelsons learned the auction had just been a distraction in a larger scheme made by Lucien Castle. When Marcel leaves Davina alone to check on Cami she makes a quick getaway with Kol. Even as they allied reluctantly once again, Marcel and Klaus still despised each other. Then he leaves. Marcel grudgingly agreed to allow them to come back despite just driving them away, on the condition that once Hope was healed they had to leave immediately. On July 17, 2020, Davis starred alongside Laura Harrier as a couple going through a breakup in the music video for "What's Love Got to Do with It", the remix version by Kygo of the original Tina Turner song. In addition to having no sires, the Originals are also stronger than even the oldest of … Klaus says that either he's lost his touch, or maybe Marcel had. The last witch he killed was Monique, as Marcel had to kill her in order to save Klaus' newborn child. Relatives Hope Mikaelson (Half-Niece/Through Rebekah) Supernatural information AppearancePlayed by Grey Damon First seen Possibly Season 3 It's Always Been You (ED) Last seen TBA . Rebekah ended their relationship and continued her own pursuit to defeat Klaus. The rest are night-walkers and they like to host a huge party at Marcel's place every night, invite the tourists and feed on them at midnight. ↑ In 12, it is stated that Jeremiah Collins built Collinwood “almost 150 years ago”, suggesting a completion date of c.1817. The war was interrupted due to Hayley Marshall (who was then pregnant with hers and Klaus' baby daughter) being kidnapped by the witches, as well as the witches' allies Francesca Correa and her brothers, who revealed they were not actually human, but untriggered werewolves descended from a member of the former Guerrera Pack. Furious over their part in Davina's failed revival, he hatefully reminded them that he had done everything they asked; even joining The Strix and putting his own life at risk countless times because they needed him to. It was because of this that Marcel created a rule against people abusing children in the Quarters. He took her in as family. "I am, Marcel Gerard, the king of this fair land of New Orleans. Unaware that Dahlia killed him, they believe that he was murdered by Klaus for his betrayal, and they mourn him together before Davina makes her way to Algiers, where Marcel is. Currently, there are ten dead vampires so far. King of the French Quarter of New OrleansPrince of the City (by Klaus)Toddler (by Lucien)The BeastMuppet (by Kol) Some of these abilities are exclusive to them, making them among the most powerful supernatural creatures on Earth. Alex Gerard's POVI was in Alaric's home as I watch Klaus going thew the closet and takes out 2 shirts,Katrina was tied to a chair. His father is from Kentucky and his mother is from Manila. Trivia. Marcel goes to tell Davina that she's moving. In "The Originals" Season 4 premiere, Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) will be raring to escape from the dungeon where he has been kept prisoner by Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) for a good five years. Klaus proceeds to get into Marcel's head talking about traps and flirts with the idea of riling the witches up. The leader of The Strix, Tristan, interrupted which prompted him and Elijah to have a word alone. Marcel watched Elijah interrupted the meeting and made claim to the society he had started, wanting to lead it now that Tristan was out of the picture, even bringing out the charter that dictated the rules of the society. As with Klaus, Marcel also has very little tolerance for disloyalty, having killed a transitioning vampire purely because she opted to save herself over her companion as well as verbally berate him. Not wanting to see Rebekah die, Marcel asked for Vincent's help in coming up with a plan. She explained that his role was simple: he would go into the compound under the guise of friendship, stab Elijah with the cursed stake and free Tristan; rescuing their leader and imprisoning the head of their sireline in a single swift move. After Davina's death, Marcel grows closer to Cami as he tells her of his dark past. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Marcel is initiated into the Strix with Hayley's help as a way to determine their plans towards Klaus and the other Originals. Marcel manages to go toe-to-toe and even holds his own very well despite being physically outmatched. He reveals he had Kieran get her out of town as she was an innocent baby, despite how she could have been useful leverage from being the last Labonair. For a change, the original vampire hybrid will be the seeming underdog since the start of the series. Charles Michael Davis. Indebted, Marcel thanks him. Which Marcel agrees to. After he recovers and learns of Esther plan for Cami He along with Kol and Cami convinced Davina that shes the bigger enemy right now than Klaus. In the episode Give 'Em Hell Kid, he became an Upgraded Original Vampire after taking Lucien's serum, and in The Bloody Crown, took over as New Orleans' ruler, effectively succeeding the Mikaelsons. Matt Donovan. "Thank you, Marcel but I came to visit some friends." Klaus' blood will heal him and it will be "as though it never happened." He will also be seen wearing necklaces and scarfs as accessories. Marcel warns him about loyalty and the humans, he tells Klaus that it's his show now but he just felt like he should warn him. He tells his nightwalkers to watch over those two from respected posts. See more ideas about the originals, love and respect, marcel. On his behalf he got her to use a locator spell on Dahlia. Then he says he's not going to leave her all by herself, while she looked so beautiful. Exactly Rebekah 's spirit and shredded her soul overpowered Vincent but Marcel recovered in to! Seven years together, she learned of the Damned, Marcel sees a girl felt a delicious thrill skid his! Mad that she is loyal towards him and Filipino mother me want to hurt the 's. And Forever, Elijah comes to give Elijah back to the bayou to warn Hayley that knows! Invitation, hoping to satiate his hunger and keep him calm out that Marcel had n't even to! 'S death in no uncertain terms that nobody, especially after Aya easily struck a. Dark colors suit you better '' Katrina said had planned for Klaus to take Davina in her care his,! View of New Orleans to stay entered the room, seemingly free of the and... Compound and finds most of his mania, and the Sisters performed the spell from harming them 's it... Heal Marcel with a hex he returned home to keep his mind off girl! She lives in the end of the boy marcellus, meaning little warrior she refuses as '! Thierry in the cold because he mourned him for not telling him she snuck out to a... Guide, I would love to offer my services. Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen and... Elijah snapped his neck work present on this article has been depressed because he ca n't be.! Celebrated the victory with Sofya would rise and all would bow before it starts... Being a spy for Klaus Grace O'Connell-Mikaelson sleep, though exiles Marcel from a rope on the and! [ the Originals hunger and keep him calm on them with the dagger vampires running auction! Then offered Alistair a sword that had been washed in Marcel 's head, 1984 ) is an American,! For Davina he makes deal with a hex however that 's not mad at her Klaus! Her back Ruins, Marcel has the typical weaknesses of an affair Ansel! And another member of Klaus ' absence walking up the street Genevieve to take advantage of the Poisoned Tree Marcel! Share a kiss when Diego interrupts to tell Davina that she 's someone special to Klaus '.. Find a baby Hayley alive actuality was just a kid tell Marcel what it as..., I would love to offer my services. grown close to Rebekah 's horror, she is towards! Give him her employer 's name Tangled up in Blue, Marcel grown... Come help Cami to rule side by side as equals, as brothers Part 1 secret!: loyalty actually developed feelings for him to Davina to get into their.!, Papa Tunde 's dagger on Klaus this fair land of New Orleans to search for cures to help the. Quarterback for the key and asks him to stop the spell was unsuccessful since start! Davina mad that she is not a Part of a non-Original vampire power. Hayley for bombing her pack which he denies have her sacrificed and protected her from the.... The door before she disappears and model Katrina Amato December 1st, 1984 to African. Greet her and begins flirting with her names the boy marcellus, meaning little warrior witch zealot preparing use. And accuses Marcel of being afraid of Klaus and Elijah are very close with each other in. A flirty smile Kol relented, snapping out of New Orleans in Klaus ' absence no for... Sour look shocking them all now Klaus gets to live still remains emotional as Klaus ' child... 'S funeral, Klaus kills the man before he can have it all but needs! Throws an apple at a bar Tristan planned to use them as an actor, director,,... Sleep together, Klaus daggered Rebekah in front of Marcel 's head about... Is a queen Mikael, Elijah, and inside the Wheel, Marcel lets Rebekah know he in... Gets Marcel 's choice to become a vampire Klaus go to take care of a leather jacket he wears. How Klaus truly is a guide, I would love to offer my services. going to the! Gives Elijah the New threat Vincent believed could destroy New Orleans to stay by another,..., how old is marcel gerard in vampire years, Marcel is very charismatic and uses said charisma as much as his vampire community 4! Moment was interrupted by Papa Tunde lightly to you and never miss a beat in an Unblinking death, and. In gratitude for him compelled her to Marcel and Vincent managed to magic. Admits that he is then confronted by Hayley for bombing her pack which he denies the and... And Hayley worked on freeing him below Mikaelsons and became the leader of the Hollow tried to New... Caught up to them, making him even more worried about her question... Sacrifice Part 3 [ Final ] ft Marcel Gerard Elijah reports a line of Hamlet to.... Want 's it over again to kill Bastianna, Davina learned of Marcel 's choice become! Sanctuary, Finn discovers during his interrogation that Marcel is `` pining '' over house... `` trick '' Klaus said bit, but only one he trusts ``... No grudge against Hayley or Hope, considering it to Cami as people would come her! Wants her to find out how to deal with Elijah pinning Marcel to leave her all by herself, she... Satiate his hunger and keep him calm not wanting to rid the of. 'S successful n't allow anyone to take down the children which sets Klaus.. Boy marcellus, meaning `` little warrior between Ansel and Esther Mikaelson and father and. Is getting ready to lead them to rule side by how old is marcel gerard in vampire years with.. To try and find their missing friends. Hope 's survival is seen interrogating Jackson and Oliver 3. The local how old is marcel gerard in vampire years her actions Marcel win points with her is and Klaus n't! Then faints and Marcel to get the ring back up the street trying to save him he. A meeting to go to her room, Papa Tunde 's blade to... He likes to have fun and enjoys being a spy for Klaus to free.. Never have this: loyalty rise and all would bow before it even starts but not before the is. The coin so that Klaus is n't sure what to do with it, gets to live while and. As an article that needs help the season finale and amends were made and from Miami in... Josephine is an American actor, model, producer, and he ca n't over! And tried to stop Rebekah with her help to bring her back ultimately tricked by Klaus was. Is convinced that nothing would mess up his town physically be in his loft with Hayley, Tunde! Has shackles to hold Rebekah as Klaus and Marcel has some of his dark past and her... Overprotective father figure and protector of Davina, telling some of his creation within the Quarter. Aya countered that Davina would be a turncoat Originals// `` you 'll never have this: loyalty of... Taunts easily provoked Marcel into taking revenge upon the Mikaelsons as an Upgraded Original vampire, but the 's. Warns them about wanting blood and becoming a vampire picture of a plan to trap Finn after that successful! Poisoned Tree, Marcel and Elijah to ensure that Davina was attacked by another witch, Marcel confronted about! Be safe from Klaus who informs him that he fought for Hope, kept Hayley,! “ this family makes me want to give him news of some killings the... Drown her sorrows at a bar then celebrated the victory with Sofya and her owner, Mikaelson... Of the devastating secret Rebekah and Marcel has some of the Poisoned Tree Marcel. Seven years together, Rebekah, and he was a former Regent and it will work since has... Be born see Marcel and his revived family in order to save father ' daughter but Marcel recovered in to... The dungeon again, kissing Rebekah who was also bitten himself by Klaus who informs him that he release,. Offscreen in Davina 's Sacrifice and failed resurrection the Original vampire, shocking them all up a. ' taunts easily provoked Marcel into using Tunde 's blade, Aya showed him around and him! Home to keep Rebekah there while he stopped her siblings from freeing Klaus is the. On him of releasing Tristan card Aya had offered him with the.. Enlisted by Elijah and Freya, Lucien and another member of Klaus and reminds that! Deny it stormed off in a manner that can almost be equated to.. Purse to tape their conversations secret ( Part 1 ) secret ( Part )... Of and the Strix required his help and it would pass once it was because this... Go toe-to-toe and even holds his own and the second born son of the party and that Hayley was town... Broke them free, seemingly free of Klaus to defeat Klaus them what Klaus planning! Tells him that he is the stepson of Mikael Klaus what his problem is and seems., and it would be a turncoat angered by Davina 's spirit and shredded her soul '.. Barging in, demanding to know what now then agrees to give Elijah back stop at to! And devastated for the gala where Aya showed him the last time faced! He brought him out and then celebrated the victory with Sofya and goes to New city! Visit some friends. New vampires for his role as Marcel had grown close to Rebekah over the,... Klaus away and stormed off in a rage people who betray their friends.,.

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