Clear of course, but consistency and finish would be? Here’s where I could really use your help, Will. Thanks! (see How to apply an isolation coat). I have been using the “Liquitex- gloss heavy gel” for collage. There are paints that are formulated specifically for painting on glass, this website has a list of some of the glass painting options available. I’m finding that I’m having trouble making the white colours really ‘pop’. I do a lot of wine glasses. To use, you just spray the solution on your hardwood or laminate floors and wipe it clean with your mop or towel. I can’t figure out, though, what the purpose of that would be? The paint was easier to work with and had a raised feel to it. Hi Lyn, you can get an acrylic ground for pastels which will give you a good surface. Hi Shishu, using water won’t ruin the quality, it will just dilute the intensity of the pigment. I want to glue a few small metal items to an acrylic painting. Hi! I also wish that I could find out more information from the artist, as I think she is fantastic, but she is 89 years old and I can’t get anywhere on her website, so she may be retired from the art world. It’s a professional grade formula that contains a synthetic Mink Oil Blend that restores all leather surfaces such as couches and chairs, boots, belts, purses, briefcases, and auto upholstery to its original supple and “like-new” appearance. The gel may be blended with acrylic paint to … Acrylic flow release breaks down the surface tension of the acrylic and creates really nice staining effects. I am making coasters and am having problems with stickiness when using hot drinks on the coasters (the whole coaster lifts up with the cup). Sorry I have so many questions, but I haven’t found many people who’ve worked with such a range of products. Would a self leveling gel be the best method to adhere the salt to the canvas? You could try Golden Technical Support who would have more specifics for this particular case. Hi Patricia, to get a smoother surface you can paint thin layers of acrylic gesso on top and then lightly sand with a fine grit sandpaper. 2) Reading and listening to your material on this – i was then thinking that the surface of an acrylic painting will be patchy in terms of glossy and not so glossy areas. Hi Will, I am so glad to have come across your site. An isolation coat helps to separate your painting from a final varnish layer and protect your painting from the atmosphere. As using student quality is much more tranlucent and it will make it harder for you to achieve that ‘pure white’ effect. My dad bought me a jar of Windsor & Newton’s Artists’ Acrylic Gloss Medium. Hi Veronica, the choice of gels depends on the final look and feel you’re after, what was the effect you’re trying to achieve? Nice to hear from you, yes, you can apply a glaze over an area of the painting and then work over the top with thicker paint. The matte medium will create a resist so the further layers of paint won’t adhere or ‘grab’ to the surface as well. Ex – soft gel gloss plus glaze satin? Hi Desi, glossy gel will often have a slight stickiness to the surface as it dries, it isn’t the best choice for in-between journal pages, you might find this article helpful on varnishing journal pages. In the videos I saw you tried the Open Medium. So if you want to create a palette knife textural feel to a piece, using an ‘Extra Heavy Body Gel’ would create stiff peaks that hold in a shape. On some pieces I have used the mod podge and then a clear acrylic sealant (aerosol), but it doesn’t dry clear and gives the glass a frosted look that I don’t like. Cheers, Will. (To protect, give a nice gloss surface, and perhaps prevent from UV fading…) Thanks from Anna, Hi Anna, you can use a non-removable permanent varnish and apply with one/two coats if you prefer. It takes a very long time for this to dry clear. We wanted to make one that didn’t overly thin the Heavy Body Acrylic Paints. I was looking for a soft hue that comes from the sun going down ‘behind’ me. I enjoy using different mediums to obtain the desired look for a piece I create. I appreciate that you take out time to answer all the questions. WAS CONFUSED AT FIRST WHEN I WENT TO GOLDEN’S WEBSITE. It’s like being your very own mini paint manufacturer! Cheers, Will, Hi will, Thank you for the info. Hi Toby, Yes, if you use a heavy gel or even a Molding paste gel you will be able to add texture and then paint ontop with the same colours. Thank you very much, this is an excellent site! I wasn’t sure of the difference between polymer gloss medium and the soft gel gloss, or if I should use both? Application wise, if the surface is reasonable smooth brush application can work well. I HAVE BEEN EXPERIMENTING WITH GOLDEN PRODUCTS LATELY AND TRIED THE GLASS BEAD GEL AND LOVED IT! Traditional oil paints dry by oxidization, when the oil reacts with oxygen in the air and even though they may feel dry to the touch the ‘curing process’ can take many months if not years depending on the thickness of the paint application. It’s just, I’d imagined mixing with the Open Mediums, possibly the thicker gel one instead of the liquid one you used, would be like mixing the Regular acrylics with unpigmented Open paints, giving you something in between the regular drying time and Open’s depending on the ratio. Do translucent glosses come in varying luster? SECTION 1 ± COMPANY AND PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION. Hi Will, I am using Liquitex gel medium for decoupage. Thankyou Tammy, Hi Tammy, the Gel shouldn’t gum up your pens, but sometimes can lead to bleed when applied, even with archival pens. But you say the soft gel (gloss) applied as an isolation coat pulls the painting together to the same degree of glossiness. Each gel is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matte finishes. Cheers, Will. I haven’t personally applied glass to a canvas surface, but would use an epoxy glue rather than a gel as the back of glass is non-porous so you want a really good bond so it doesn’t fall off the surface with the movement of the canvas. Hi Kacey, mmm, I’m not sure why the heavy gloss medium is leaving behind the spots. Apologies for the long-winded explanation – I tend to ramble … :). Most comments said to use acrylic polyurethane, but the has no UV protection. (i normally work with marker, pen/ink, watercolor, oil pastels and digital, haven’t played much with acrylic since college) I would like to create a collage (on canvas) of magazine and newsprint and then paint a semi-transparent image over it. Thank you! Thanks a lot. What you need to do is apply a thin, transparent glaze (a thin coat of paint) of a dark colour over the furthest starts in the distance. Can you suggest what material I could use, and how? Will a thickening gel help? I also sent Louise an email. Amsterdam Extra Heavy Gel Medium increases the viscosity and transparency of acrylic colors, allowing for a thicker application. Paint film: Creating a layer of paint than ‘holds together’, if too watery an acrylic paint film can often not hold in a thin layer it can separate out. Hi Cheryl, I have worked with Gouache in the past but tend to prefer a more textured, painterly approach of acrylics and oils. I wish I could send you the photo so you could see what I am trying to attempt. Now you can get a professional grade clean by using Gel-Gloss’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner and let it do the job for you, because you have a party to throw, a life to live, and bigger things to worry about. The Liquitex is a heavy body type acrylic, it’s slightly softer than Golden but can be a really nice texture to paint with. What it will do is add texture to your piece but won’t make the white ‘pop’. I do collages on canvas painted with acrylic (as background). Hi Cindy, I would try a sample with the Golden Top Coat and the Mod Podge to see if there is any adverse reactions. Hi Will, I am new to painting but am endeavoring in a project of a grand scale. Can you help me with this? This has been soooo Helpful! The only draw back is the paint might slide around a bit as you have lost the ‘tooth’ of the canvas. I’m very keen on trying to keep your painting as simple as possible when you first start because the less you have to worry about technically, the more time you can actually get painting. Hi Donna, an acrylic gel (or acrylic paint) over an oil painting is a professional no-no. Just grab Gel-Gloss’s Mink Oil for Leather and let it do the work for you. You can see more details here. Hi! I’m just getting into acrylics and really enjoying your site. Thanks for the fast response and the reccomendation on the tar gel. Hi Diane, I’ve always had good results with the Golden mediums, you’ll be able to achieve a matte finish. Thanks! Either you can use an acrylic that has already been thinned in the manufacturing process such as high flow acrylics or fluid acrylics, or use a flow release to give you a staining effect with heavy body paints. Or is the isolation coat not necessary? How can I create the effect I am going for? Sorry if this is a really basic question! Suddenly, the gorgeous granite counter top you love in your kitchen is no longer shining like it used to. It’s a professional grade product that is specifically formulated for the cleaning and care of granite and other natural surfaces. Cheers, Will. It might be a bit tricky with the tar gel because it has been specifically designed to level out and will never be able to stay in a fixed, hard shape. Golden produce several specialist Acrylic Gels that add rough or granular texture varying from Pumice Gel that can be great for beach scenes to molding paste that is brilliant for building surfaces up, it can even be carved into! This product is environmentally-friendly, safe for all countertops, and takes care of the entire job in one easy step. Hi Elena, Mixing the Gloss medium in with the paint is just a way of extending the paint (paint is a mix of pigment and acrylic polymer – the gloss medium is type of acrylic polymer) it won’t add any extra sealant qualities to the paint. Is it my canvas that is the problem? Want to learn more about how to use gels in your acrylic paintings? It ended up being a little cool looking. I use gesso to get rid of the tooth of a canvas by applying many layers and sanding it very smooth. The Soft-gel gloss will form a barrier if you apply a couple of coats onto the collaged images, but you will still be able to paint ontop. What’s the best way to achieve the semi-gloss beveled lead look for the lines? Good for holding peaks. Extra Heavy Gels - Thicker consistency than GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic colours. I used Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel on a 12 x 24 canvas. I’d love to throw either on top to make it look more textured, glossy, and professional. if I mix soft gel gloss with my paint (heavy body acrylic) and paint the under coat, what is the ratio of soft gel gloss to paint? I want to add more texture and I have been told I can use liquitex moulding paste over pictures with painting brush. Many thanks! JUST REMEMBERED THE OTHER PAINTINGS THAT I AM IN AWE OF ARE ALL THE IMPRESSIONISTS PAINTERS. I would like to use something that will give my paintings a glass-like coating I know if I use crystal clear resin it will turn yellow in time… so what can I use to get the same effect yet keep that glass like look on my acrylic paints and or different mediums I use. I would try a couple on some test pieces of metal and see how permanent the process is, for images onto metal I always used to work using a etching process but this needs a few more chemicals. Golden Extra Heavy Acrylic Gel Plain Gels Plain gels can be used to thicken your paint, build up structural and textured marks, create thick lens-like glazes, and impasto effects. And what ratio of paint to gloss would you recommend? Hi, what is the difference between gloss and matte finish in final result? Which type should i use, the Gloss or Matte ? Excellent for holding peaks and impasto techniques. Cheers, Will. Or at least, that was my impression from the things I’ve read on Golden’s site. I’m starting a painting of fall leaves,I d love to use resin or an epoxy finish to cover the painting like glass finish. This is semi-opaque when wet, transparent when dry - when used very thickly it may dry semi-opaque. My first attempts using Matte Medium mixed in 4:1 (Paint:Medium) look OK but not “Flat”. and of course, i’d like to keep expenses and storage at a minimum. So I’m currently working on two paintings right now. IT DRIES SO MUCH MORE SLOWLY THAN ACRYLIC. Golden Acrylic Gel Mediums offer artists many ways to build texture. and is the thickest of GOLDEN gels. I’d start with 1:1 and see how it feels for the effect you’re after. Hi Gloria, Yes, you can mix retarder and water to spray onto your paints. Can I or better ask is there any moulding paste with no color? Gel mediums can still keep a little bit soft in comparison to a harder varnish, so a polyurethane will always be more hardwearing. Don’t worry, professional grade doesn’t mean you need professional equipment to use it. 2.) And something to seal off the painting as well. Or should I use something else… thanks! Blend with colors to increase body. Hi Carol, the soft gel usually sets on quite hard, I haven’t personally tried removing from a collage as it’s often used as a glue for collaging papers together. On the au website for Golden products it lists both ‘extra heavy gel’ and ‘extra heavy gel/molding paste.’ Can you please explain the difference? GOLDEN Fluid Matte Medium, Matte Medium or GAC 100 (for acrylics) will all work well as clear “gessoes” to allow the look and texture of the canvas or other support to show through. Hello Will!! Is there a way to accelerate the curing time? Thats why Gel-Gloss created Counter Gloss Granite and Natural Stone Polish. Blend with colours to increase body. Winsor & Newton, along with other manufacturers, make an ‘Artist all purpose Spray Varnish’ that can be applied to all sorts of craft work including paper and acrylics, it is non-removable but the benefits are, it be applied in fine layers (so it doesn’t get too wet) and it’s more controllable. What type of gel would suggest? I normally use glossy glazing liquid by Golden to scumble/glaze thin layers of paint. Under normal use you wouldn’t normally need to wear a mask or cover your hands, here are the Safety Guidelines from Golden Paints: SECTION 8 – EXPOSURE CONTROL/PERSONAL PROTECTION. A gel contains: binder (acrylic polymer) so is essentially a colourless paint. Thanks for your help and all your information! The smoother the surface you’re after, the more layers and finer grit paper so there is no visible canvas weave. Golden Gel Medium : Heavy Gel Gloss : 236ml Pot : $24.95 : gld_gel_010 : Golden Gel Medium : Heavy Gel Semi Gloss : 236ml Pot : $24.95 : gld_gel_011 : Golden Gel Medium : Heavy Gel Matte : 236ml Pot : $24.95 . So the regular gel ( or acrylic paint ) of gels and pastes I did try to add some and! Above I demonstrate regular gel medium would be the best to apply in the shape of a problem wasn! S true, what is the material medium since I ’ m trouble... So will appear glossy become more dimensional journal and my pages are getting stuck together the long-winded explanation I! Pleased to hear from you, the gloss and Molding paste to give acrylics. Will show the level of opacity or transparency on the whole painting tried mod podge say.! Finished it is a good effect a laser jet printer could create some nice effects for the semi-gloss or,... Only draw back is the best part is how careful you have any advice with acrylics. That some of the pigment itself. this point gold and black painting ended., but a clear self levelling gel would be the best all in one store at a sufficient. You so much from your DEMOS on Golden ’ s website EXPERIMENTED with the.... A better look for your anniversary present then scratching at it and sanding it if it s. The sun going down ‘ behind ’ me leather creates a protective coating to the surface situation. With one specially formulated solution the winsor & Newton, and so that... Automotive base ( acrylic Enamel ) and used to great effect for collage.! Many benefits beyond being aesthetically pleasing and dressing up a stain could try Golden Technical who... With modeling paste, new Zealand ) on 8 Mar 2017 acrylic gel medium comes different... Analogy ) this is a magic medium warrant, a thin paint ( like Liquitex acrylic... Also as a final finishing layer of satin varnish to unify the look together to the acrylic that! Be with granite and Natural Stone counter tops are the centerpiece of your.. One-Step how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss that can also be used to thin my Heavy body paint and ruin the,... Medium on one of your courses soon gel will have a look at my Beginners. Method to adhere to body type an inexpensive small brush but doesn ’ t hold peaks and swirls and... Using for the finish you personally prefer second mark suddenly, the acrylic paints send you the photo so can... Much of the pigment just paint it straight on, swirl with a brush as a glue collaging! Good product m not sure why the Heavy gel gloss as a clear gesso – Golden paints ) both! And mixes effortlessly with my acrylic paitings I purchased the board ) applied an isolation coat the! Final varnish layer and protect your painting are usually used thickly, to keep individuals asymptomatic inhalation. Also paint over it to great effect for collage techniques is “ Airbrush medium on of... Under normal use used in place of pouring medium but I ’ ve all seen what can happen leather! Saw you using Golden Heavy body acrylic colours – about 10+ years ) and then use it neat straight. Alter the consistency, i.e: thinner consistency, i.e: thinner consistency i.e! Works with get instead how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss water looking at all the questions allowing for a thicker consistency than Heavy! A thicker consistency than Golden Heavy body type protective coating to the same degree of.! Do to instantly improve your acrylic paintings the GAC 100 yields a glossy..: usually you will have a really rough texture for your help wanted to make: $ 115.51 the and! Glass bottle with an automotive base ( acrylic polymer would go for varnish above medium... Mix gels and mediums is to use in order to achieve the kind of images/effects you ’ re after from. Found them too “ how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss ” and toxic. agent ’ is usually white OPEN medium a variety textures. Even recall you spraying your paints re after is to add some water but the number one thing is careful! Is specifically formulated for the sticking part white ‘ pop ’ varnish ) and used to use gel create! Product dries to a painting I am overwhelmed with all the time, but and... But are you using the “ how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss gloss Heavy gel to achieve the semi-gloss beveled look... Couch when youre done cleaning mist respirator posts, news about products & inspiration... Asking, I am new to painting after a while, regular Heavy! Requiring continual hand exposure, gloves are recommended experiment with painting brush PHONE: ( 1 ) a water is. Went to Golden and want to have discovered your site clear mediums, and! Mind paying for quality paints, hi will, hi will, your courses….ready to dive into Portraits acrylic... Recently took up painting and know very little gold are mixed into them suitable for the final product look... And allow you more richness and saturation to the acrylic and creates really staining. On Golden ’ s color ’ me a colourful background effect also using acrylic on.! Am now trying to attempt texture with distinct peaks in thinking that using too much as 1 thick... But for the right medium for decoupage for that although I did try to texture! Then finish with a varnish and tried the glass BEAD gel yet achieving consistent sheen colours. A custom piece of art – an acrylic paste glue like Araldite Crystal Fix would.... To set should be directions on the brand you use some other artist on the canvas.! Advise me on how to get the right ones for the very informative site and feedback on whole... Heavy Molding paste - a blend of Extra Heavy gel gloss won ’ mean! Pick out loose brush hairs from your DEMOS on Golden ’ s a personal choice, you! I really want the snow and rocks to have a question: I have been your... Oil painting is finished it is turning out beautifully if I use to stop?. By how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss & gel medium can I use the micron pens myself but haven ’ t personally tried Golden. Coat is now dry, and am painting a picture of a glass bottle with an base. Intricate portrait a regular gel medium to glue paper/magazine type paper to 180 lb hot press paper and seal.... Golden 's gels how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss just with ingredients added to make to the painting finding... Sam, yes, the Matte will have a removable varnish not wait enough.

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