Inside the cave the Hero will find various undead creatures (Zombies, Skeletons, Liches, etc.) in: All PC XBOX 360 PS3 WII NDS PS2 PSP GBA Android XBOX IPhone GCN Nintendo64 N … Oblivion Adult Mods ; Claudia's Little Secret ; Game Crashing outside Dark Fissure Cave Archived. Hannibal Traven's edict regarding necromancy may have chilled weaker mages into compliance but has never been much of a concern for the likes of Carla du Vrey. Dark Fissure is a medium-sized cave southeast of Cheydinhal containing necromancers (quest-related). She tells you to find a book called Necromancer's Moon. Oblivion Diary; Saturday, March 25, 2006. Dark Fissure After you tell him about the note, Raminus suggests that you visit Dark Fissure Cave (one of the sites from the list) at the next Shade of the Revenant. Besides this altar, the inside of the dungeon doesn't have too much inside of it. X360. UESP:Oblivion Map. Inside I found several necromancers and their skeleton companions. Dark Fissure The Dark Fissure is SSW of Fort Scinia, a little east of the Reed River. She surrounds herself with Masters of the Putrid Hand and keeps company with Spectral Reavers. Support . As part of the further investigation of the necromancers and the deaths of two of their mages, Raminus Polusasks that the Hero head to Dark Fissure cave to find out more about the black soul gems. 18 - Vahtacen. Recommended Posts. Go to Dark Fissure, this will be added as a map-marker as you progress through the Mages Guild. Mods . The Harvest animation allows you to see the gem transform. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Overview: Perhaps the main attraction of this dungeon is actually on the outside of it, a necromancer's altarwhere you can convert grand soul gems into black soul gems. 19 - Swampy Cave. chevron_right. Once you've made it to the top, enter the cave to spot a Worm Anchorite. Enemies videogame_asset My games. I go to the dark fissure, im there at every time of the day but no light will come down on the alter. 16 - Dark Fissure. You start in this zone at an intersection. Story Description ===== You are the savior of the Mage Guild, serving as the Arch-Mage in place of the fallen Hannibal Traven. PS3. Once a week a light beams down on the altar, usually around 12 am Morndas night/Tirdas morning. (previous page) A. Oblivion:Abagarlas; Oblivion:Abandoned House (Anvil) Oblivion:Abandoned House (Cheydinhal) Oblivion:Abandoned Mine; Oblivion:Abandoned Shack; Oblivion:Abecean Sea; Oblivion:Adrian Decanius' House ; Oblivion:Aengvir's House; Oblivion:Aerin's Camp; Oblivion:Agarmir's … There are two small rooms that are located slightly off course but are easily identifiable. In the first room you enter is a staircase that leads downwards to another room which contains two chests, a dead Skeleton and one or two occupants. Quests To find Dark Fissure, fast travel to Back Waterside Stabels, just outside of Cheydinhal.. Dark Fissure Dark Fissure is a medium-sized cave southeast of Cheydinhal containing necromancers (quest-related). and human necromancers, as well as leveled dungeon loot. You will see your gem converted into a black gem. Move clockwise until you arrive in a large room which holds the boss chest (B) and the boss-level Necromancer (A). You have to go there and find Skaleel, who's supervising the research. Speak to Tar-Meena, who can be found at the Mystic Archives. Outside of the cave is a Necromancer Altar which is used to create Black Soul Gem. The cave is just south of Cheydinhal. The fissure is described when you click on it:
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