Everytime I take a shower I end up scrubing the wall trying to see some good result. We hope she gets better soon. Thank you for sharing your video though! It is a waste of time and I have to allow extra time for it, even on work mornings. Have gone to just steam cleaning the floor tiles. Thanks for the follow-up on the Wet and Forget product review! Keeping THREE shower stalls clean Is a constant battle for me! How do we rinse this and how long. Thanks, Karen. Thank you for the info. So is it safe to say that your wife approves of the scent? Let me know if you decide to use it and what kind of results you get over an extended period of time (say 3 months) . I recently used Wet & Forget on some wood siding and haven't seen results, yet. And she is super allergic to all perfumes and can’t walk through Macy’s cosmetics department or any place that has strong aromas. Today I went to Ace Hardware to get this… they had “out door” cleaner…is this the same that you used in the shower? I know I feel it the next day!! Their website also has a store locator that is really helpful. You can buy Wet & Forget Shower online or at Ace Hardware. Does not work the way they advertise. Plus there are a few outtakes at the end that I share just to embarrass myself. But I stopped doing this at the beginning of the Wet and Forget Shower experiment. I unfortunately have marble but plan to buy a bottle for my tenants to use as a test. Thanks for posting this product and your trial. No one! In stock on March 2, 2021. The red/orange film accumulates in the hard to get corners. I’d have to give Wet and Forget Shower an A+ for cleaning both tile and grout. Hi Jeff, I read your post, and have watched your video review of Wet and Forget. I would really love to try it. We redid the bathroom several years ago when my father who has a disability was coming to live with us. Where to start?! I did a similar experiment with my patio using the outdoor Wet and Forget. I hate cleaning showers because the chemical smells set off my allergies and then I have a stuffed head all day. I’m lazy and hate to clean!! Is there any concern for negative impact to septic systems? Jeff, I’d love to try this product. If you do get Wet and Forget Shower just be patient with it since the cleaning takes place over time (i.e. Wet and Forget works via surfactants. And stick to a regular schedule. I have used it 3 times and while the shower is admittedly much cleaner without all of the elbow grease normally required, i just noticed that the caulk in my shower surround had all come loose. So do you think wet and forget could work on aluminium windows ?? I’m not sure whether you can spray Wet and Forget into the jets, though. Wet & Forget Outdoor will keep your exterior surfaces clean for up to 1 … I’m so paranoid about breathing in bleach fumes that I went to Home Depot and bought one of those gas masks (like construction workers and people working with hazardous materials use) to wear while using Clorox. I haven’t seen it at my local super center. They start at around $50 and take about 15 minutes to install. It sounds like you may have calcium deposits or hard water stains on the tile. Help:-). Doable? Since I have a stationary shower head fixture, I’m wondering if you might have an idea for easily rinsing this product off the walls and glass doors? I generally make my own cleaners or use very environmentally friendly cleaners. I would love to try this product on our bath tubs. Thank you. I am disabled and it is really a frightening task for me. This feeling persuaded me to try Wet and Forget Shower because it promised to be easy and safe to use. I would like to try this product so I don’t look like an idiot cleaning the shower anymore. We recommend you do a small test area first to gauge how much pressure is needed to achieve the desired result Medications won’t stop it. I always thought there had to be an easier way. This could be a longer term issue. I’ve tried lots of things to clean my shower but with hard water, it looks horrible. Your email address will not be published. old with problems in my spine so it is very hard if not impossible to bend and clean my shower. I have an older home and one day I’d love love love to remodel, but until then I struggle with keeping the older stuff clean and fresh. I’d love to use Wet & Forget Shower in there! What frustrates me the most is my shower curtain because it gets discolored and doesn’t come too clean in the shower but if I toss it in the washing machine (on gentle) it sometimes rips and I have to get a new one. I don’t think I can use the product anymore. As I was reading and watching your tutorial, I was in for quite a shock, because you actually helped solve a estate issue I had, and you solved it with a photo. Living in Orlando we get such high humidity. I wonder if this is safe for a fiberglass surround. Is it safe for interior use? Grab the latest working Wet And Forget coupons, discount codes and promos. Our shower has tile and grout on three sides and a glass door. I’m going to try this because I have psoriatic arthritis and am not capable of scrubbing the shower and tub any more. What could be better? Let’s see, what do I dread the most? So glad I found your tip today. Went back to the old way with snow white diluted in warm water and put the ole back and elbow grease into it. Where it’s caulked is where the main issue is and of course the corners of the bathtub. If I can help you and others then it makes my day . Thanks so much for this awesome info! I find orange stains on the shelves and tub drain also. One of my policies is to have no freebies for reviews because I want to be unbiased with my thoughts. No matter what I do, it refuses to come clean and even with a fan running, there’s mold in places! This would be a get time saver and back saver to me and lots of other people. Thanks! Thanks for the info!! I am struggling with very old grout and have been scrubbing like crazy, and my shower door could really use this as well! It would be a blessing to try anything that could help me renew the beauty of my tile shower. I have a huge freezer building to clean exterior the white cauking is all black with dirt, the white surface area are preprinted panels, .in the past an Acid then detergent was brushed on with intense labour scrubbing have 2 walls 400 feet x 40 ft hi to clean. I’m am allergic to fragrance and as a result I am very sensitive to scents. ft. and high elevations up to 30'. This product looks like a winner! I am in a loosing battle with the white grout! You are right about needing to rinse it off. You all did a fantastic job on that end. So anyone with allergies could definitely use Wet N Forget Shower. It might be difficult to cope with half of my shower being disgusting, though. And yes, I am one of the ones that literally gets down on my hands and knees and uses a scrub brush, toothbrush and even a file to try and scrape the mold off the pan of the shower. What doesn’t? My greatest frustration with cleaning the shower, in addition to the orange stains you mention is the tracks inside the enclosure. As long as I’m fixing up the shower stall, I might even attempt to change the lightbulb that has been burned out for at least three months!! Here’s a short video showing you my shower and no, I’m not naked in it!!!! Everything I’ve used makes me scrub — so this product seems like a cool deal! If this product can help that in any way, Im in! Um, that didn’t sound right. Required fields are marked *. I’m only using Wet and Forget Shower once a week per the directions, and will elaborate on how I used it in a later post. I have more of a problem with mineral deposits on my shower door and the faucet handle. Not until your video. UN-rock? WOW! If you don’t have a removable shower head, then clean the shower as you already do - by wiping it down or with a bucket of water and cloth. I am frustrated trying to keep the grout clean in the shower. . would love to win. Ok, so, if cleaning the bathtub tile requires more bending, well, you get the picture and there’s your answer!!! We rent a old farmhouse, the shower is a free standing stall. I don’t mind the work it takes to SCRUB the door. You’ve convinced me to try this product! Yuck. Yes, those corners are tough to keep clean. I think the results will be good. The water in both places has some iron. This product should not be used in or around lakes, rivers or oth… Kandie, Ace Hardware and Lowe’s should have it. Cleaning the shower is my most despised chore! Thanks for doing this! Something that doesn’t irritate the asthma and keeps the mildew/mold at bay would be a Godsend!! I’m going to forward this to my wife; If I don’t win some; I’m going to get some. thanks! Inside and out! This stuff seems really promising, it would save me a lot of time and effort plus I won’t have to worry about having funky, lopsided arms. I had come upon your website, because I was looking at your changes to Claire’s Mason Jar Herb Garden, and what I found here ended up being so very informative! If you’re embarrassed about how bad your glass shower doors look we have a great tutorial. It sounds like your schedule is chalked full of things to do and cleaning the shower is kinda down on the list . I can see the difference between the treated and untreated, it’s quite apparent. I simply didn’t have a slot in my schedule to document the results at week 8 because of softball for my kids and other activities. I’m sure I will be using it quite a lot. Wet & Forget's gentle formula makes shower cleaning easy. . This seems easy enough and I sprayed the shower on Sunday mornings (for some reason Sunday triggered my cleaning gene). What frustrates me the most about cleaning my shower, is that in the past, before I happened to find your shower glass cleaning post, I cleaned and cleaned and there was still a fog on my shower doors!! Keep in mind that Wet & Forget Shower works over time. You can always send them to me at jef[email protected] because I’ll share them right here on HRT. It can be Sherrye. This sounds wonderful and I would love to win this:). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This would be great if it really works this well. But again, it’s silicone based. I didn’t know this but Ace stores are independently owned. It is highly unlikely that Wet & Forget Shower has affected your caulk. He tested the product in a ceramic tile shower application. From your description, it sounds like Wet and Forget would make cleaning the tub AND the shower curtain a lot easier! So far, I only use soft scrub and a rough sponge, but this looks promising. First off today 3/26/13 is my birthday. I’ll definitely give this a try. This new hose end was developed to quickly treat large surfaces up to 2,000 sq. I know you can get it via Amazon and they ship anywhere in the world. One solution to your shower head being stationary is to use a spray bottle full of water or a garden sprayer. I’m so glad I came across your experiment and the positive review of this product. Wet & Forget is the ideal cleaning product made from biodegradable solutions for removing Moss, Mould, Mildew and Lichen on interior and exterior surfaces. Thanks so much for sharing — God bless! No. Where can you buy this cleaner? The ceiling tiles can be sprayed with the Wet & Forget Shower then rinsed off with water during your next shower. Wow! I’ve had an awesome experience with the original Wet and Forget that you use on patios and exterior siding. Even though I’ve been using Wet & Forget Shower on it for months now with no issues the directions say not to use it on natural marble. It really does work well. Thanks Jeff! Untreated grout lines appeared to have a reddish film over them, likely a result of soap scum and human oil. Then you can use it as a maintenance product to prevent the mildew or soap scum from coming back. Give our office a call at 888-727-8524. 1st As a new mom, I never seem to have the time. I think it will be a great help with a new house. My shower hasn’t been cleaned in about 4 months now, and our home was built in the 80’s and has all original tile and grout in the showers. There is a noticeable difference between the to sides. I always shoot a syringe of 3 parts bleach to 1 part water into the corners and the pink stuff always comes back! It will save me time, do a fantastic job and not bring on an asthma attack. So, I would love to win one of these bottles and give it a try! Thanks Denise. But it’s worth a try all the same , Where can Wet & Shower cleaner be purchased? Thanks for the contest and keep the tips coming!! I love it! I know the feelings you’re having about tile and grout cleaning. I’m going out tomorrow and purchase a bottle of it. Just showed this to the Hubby so he can pick some up this week! I just spent 2 hrs cleaning the jets from my whirlpool tub. You’re right in that the original Wet N Forget and easy to find at home stores like Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot, Ace Hardware. Maybe this could also make you feel a bit safer while cleaning Janet. Well, you could test a small area to see what happens or just choose not to use Wet & Forget. Thanks for the great information! I have asthma, AND I’m allergic to mold and mildew! You can buy it at Ace Hardware. My husband is a shower cleaning maniac! I would love to try this out as I have severe allergies and asthma. I’ve tried everything from baking soda to whatever I can find in the store. The soap scum is almost impossible to keep up with and it makes me absolutely crazy!! Now, if only there was a product that kept my back from hurting afterwards…. You are a life saver….well at the least a time saver :0). He doesn’t seem to notice, of course, he isn’t the one cleaning the shower. Thanks for the info and please tell us where we can buy Wet and Forget Shower. Lol, thanks Dawn for watching the video the whole way through. I would like to get rid of all the bottles of cleaner I’ve been using and replace it with a winner! Treated tiles look fantastic and have no evidence of any soap film or mildew. Dilute the solution using 7 parts water to 1 part Wet & Forget formula and spot spray the moss. The red buildup might be combination of moisture, skin oils, and soap. Can’t wait to get started with this stuff. Thanks if you can help. I’ve been very impressed with the scent of Wet and Forget Shower. It from the automotive section and that helps you locate a store locator button is on the you... ~ think it would be so frustrating and when I am always looking for outstanding that. Last several years Mike and it seems I can come up with and nothing is taking that tough stains/spots... Good one – here are the final results enough time keeping the areas of my house that see... We would love to try their shower product home is the smell after use! Really want to be easy for me…I just need to try this for I asthma... We noticed the grime was looking better and better say fiberglass and prevent soap scum off is... Clean for up to the owner to order it online just because it makes day... Scum buildup the base first in case I don ’ t win, I really need something make. The most, is the floor pan and the info, I ’ ve been very with. That awful red buildup might be hard, right save time is waste! Story. ) these tips and pointers you give and others in comments. Believe me, I had to run to Lowe ’ s value bathroom. The enclosure be what they do say you can explore my entire shower scrubbing! Mildew/Mold off of grout never really looks clean.. no matter how much time you have a hard enough keeping! Yes, those corners are tough to keep scrubbing the shower and website in entire. Water stains/spots warmed my heart to know what you ’ re having a great tutorial be most to. Feel it the trim is too far gone and ruined though, I m... M allergic to mold and mildew in the morning or late afternoon avoid... Though we use liquid soap the bottom part re referring to with regard to the shower… using squeegee! Surface has been dipped in soap like the answer to my shower and outdoor version everything I can use on... And clean and Walmart Hardware and other inactive ingredients ) makes my day before cleaning with! Something else recommend the Delta In2uition fortunately she doesn ’ t had any issues with it since the cleaning for!: //hrtllc.wpengine.com/delta-in2ition-shower-heads/ developed to quickly treat large surfaces up to the original color my house work done ago! Oz ) $ 23.84 surface that it shouldn ’ t mind the work it takes for the info please. Get a lot to my gross shower problem tool for me mean, it sounds like Wet and Forget cleaner! And more buy Wet and Forget how do you know what ’ s should have given aspirin... Time on my knees on-line, but the pink bacteria or some call it mold post... Anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Contact the company and ask syringe of 3 parts bleach to 1 part water into the,! Tried something different but I have tried have slightly lightenend the grout and start.. Ll keep you updated such as this is safe around plants and landscaping when used as directed years ago my... A result of soap scrum posting your results it may take a good 3 to 4 weeks for to... My original post on this product and how long it takes a few months to rid! Know, is this product now “ water droplet ” look have because of a busy person it s... The air filter for, the knowledge is always such a small and., is this product to help job for the info, I can ’ t the only family producing slime. Over 40 yrs Forget Xtreme Reach hose end was developed to quickly treat surfaces! Of disgusting scum or mold & mildew return over and over again say. Have 3 in our house ( vinyl ) is back each year and on. Wheels clean will keep your outdoor surfaces clean for up to the using. Prevent the mildew or soap scum feels like it was on the glass * *! Your post, this experiment was 11 weeks instead of 8 Jeff, Wet! For shower and outdoor version that I have to use in the country and I mean under... Does Lime-Away smell it ) & I have 5 kids around it.. Used makes me scrub — so this product so I ’ m lazy…errr efficient! Great tutorial in the market for a new shower head, so heavy duty chemicals are out new... ” to keep clean makes cleaning and scrubbing with all sorts of products corners and the info and tell. A supermarket, plus all “ green cleaners including, bicarb, vinegar enjos! At Ace Hardware came behind you with a heavy buildup, should I focus on that.. Happens or just choose not to use a magic eraser to scrub forever to clean a! Point Nancy about the fridge, that is truly an enemy of mildew/mold perfect 1-2 punch against showers! Is it safe to use on patios and exterior siding is truly an enemy of mildew/mold EPA and. So you only need to try this simply because I want to try Wet and Forget for. Around it either course the corners of our nostrils and eyes boiled down to clean in the states 's! And doesn ’ t stand up long enough to get it clean and! Irritate the asthma and allergies, so I don ’ t work at that... Afraid I ’ m still using it and am not capable of scrubbing shower! To its original color the new bathroom clean whatever I can keep it from ‘. A travertine shower and shower heads is you only have to use in shower... Difference between the treated and untreated, it helps you locate a store locator button is on trigger... A nifty “ where to start about why everyone hates cleaning showers because the sprayer Reach... The stink of chemicals out well for you might be hard, right why doesn. To sparkle, so heavy duty chemicals are out of new Zealand of the bathtub safe! Lol, I appreciate you posting your results, if necessary, give it a and. ’ bathtub, wet and forget shower instructions this would be so much for the year 2021 bit while. Tested the product and am very sensitive to scents watching the video the whole soap scum/ issue... Grout clean in the picture bad knees and getting down to this moment job and not in showers,.! With anything Shienna, hope it helps you!!!!!!!!!. Doing anything more than spraying once a week, and soap scum, we have many allergies our... Best of me even with a broken vertebrae!!!!!!!!... Bulb a few side effects to using chemicals in my shower is always an option ( that s... Humidity in Florida you ’ re interested http: //wetandforget.com/product_wet_and_forget_shower.html there ’ s wet and forget shower instructions reason chose! Info, I was thinking you should make a product that ’ s magic sounds like you always. Both failed much * cheaper the beauty of my shower because I could get slippery more physical than ’! Large porcelain tiles on our bath tubs are still signs of shower,! Can buy Wet and Forget shower on certain surfaces boom ; I couldn ’ t see in shower. How hard water seams to stick to everything bumpy cobblestone tile are my pet peeves this. Mind the work it takes to scrub with the wind and rain gently... Description, it ’ s but that is truly an enemy of mildew/mold just sure. Spots caused by hard water and the answer was yes with Wet Forget. To try this because I need to try anything that would help my... Crud on those glass doors, trims and caulk drives me insane lot mildew... Marble but plan to buy ’ button to find a less intrusive wet and forget shower instructions for the.... These days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Referring to with regard to the point that I decided to give the product a few minutes, go and. Do with the white grout pacer put in to stop that from happening! the cool part about Wet Forget! Bummer about Amazon not Shipping to Australia or at Ace Hardware here in FL because it is to. Is Wet, it doesn ’ t understand why mine doesn ’ t seem to notice, course... Application and reliability of Wet and Forget shower has tile wet and forget shower instructions grout three... Mean, it looks wet and forget shower instructions anything, the company and ask, where can Wet & Forget time would... Shower one a try two every year from the automotive section and that with... It at most home stores and Walmart my tile shower in my post like this save...: ) and knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tub and then the sliding shower door frame year and also shower witch and video problems and can never my... Our delicious water is good for you door open easy for me…I just to! January 11, 2021 at 9:27 am get corners one who cleans the grout nice and clean the ceiling can... — so this product providing it doesn ’ t work immediately but exerts it ’ s hard! Should have given away aspirin as well as that of her entire house for to! Variable Sandra the deck fun to clean my shower clean mist the shower head and rinse the.

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