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Erza takes advantage of the distraction to deliver a major blow on Ajeel. [20], Back in Vistarion, Marin Hollow is revealed to be still alive, but shrunk to a miniature size and is seen taking care of Brandish's pedicure. Mocking his former colleagues, God Serena and the other Spriggan 12 head for Fairy Tail, not long after sensing a humongous power source, revealing to to be none other than Acnologia in his human form, enamored by the scent of a Dragon. What happened to make the dragons disappear? Gildarts says he gives up too quickly, but August says it is because Acnologia will paint their future black and that his Majesty is doing everything for the sake of humanity. Lucy violently questions her methods which Brandish retorts that he simply an enemy, beginning her soliloquy on needing to confirm and settle her inner differences, prompting Lucy to engage her swiftly in battle. As Wendy internally monologues she resembles Erza, Irene introduces to the group that she and Erza are one of the same. In the chamber, Brandish reduces her wound but still has trepidation in her mind, but is encouraged by Lucy who says it is what makes someone human; with that the Celestial Spirit Mage departs with Happy in order to find Natsu. 438 - 545 Irene falls to the ground and Erza looks in disbelief and awe at the event that occurred. As the Shield of Spriggan begins to go in a fit of rage, Mavis comes to an epiphany on how to finally defeat the immortal Zeref. Jacob notices her, shooting and beginning to torment her with his Magic, identifying her as Fairy Heart, demanding where the weapon is being held. He then goes on to tell him of why the dragons forsaken themselves into the bodies of their foster children: in order to defeat Acnologia and prevent themselves from dying due to the lack of Ethernano in their time. In his memories, the newly-appeared guide in Rogue tells Natsu that his scarf was knitted by Anna, who Natsu recognizes her as Lucy at first. As Irene she disagrees, the real Zeref hurries in the room to tell her that's an illusion created by Mavis, with Irene noticing the Mavis on the table is an illusion as well, leading Zeref to order her to pursue the real body immediately. He soon pins down Natsu and erases Lucy's clothes in order to subdue him, but the Fairy Tail Mages use the opportunity to their advantage, knocking back the Spriggan 12 after he undoes the Magic, all which garners Mavis' attention. As both of them fall to ground from their attempted act of suicide, Gray arises with the feeling of Juvia's blood within his body, learning from her that she secretly trained a blood transfusion spell to save Gray's life, if indeed this very occasion ever was made into a reality. Natsu looks up and says he'll be human, which thereafter both seeds dissipate and he wakes up in the room with Lucy and the others. [125], Natsu and Zeref continue to clash, with Natsu's fire being so hot that Zeref claims its splitting his own time, while desecrating the Dragon Slayer's arm. [68], While the south rejoices, Natsu foolhardily decides he is going to confront August, the strongest among the Spriggan 12 who is currently on his way to the guild hall. She later leaves to locate those children while Layla asks the king to destroy the gate. [116], Larcade continues to cry that his "father" rejects him, which angers Zeref to the point of killing Larcade, something that Natsu punches his brother for and doesn't agree with his actions. He begins to plan the reformation of the B Team from the Grand Magic Games, apparently knowing where to find Laxus. With that said, Kagura, who recalls resuscitating Jellal, kisses Erza as an apology, shocking everyone present at the scene. Invel, who left the scene looking for Brandish, turns around in fright from feeling a staunch Magic Power, coming to see it emitting from a furious Gray who is marching directly towards him. She reveals they are currently on Tenrou Island and that once Mavis remembers her presence—being that she was reincarnated by Mavis' reset psyche—she will vanish, so concurrently she looks to aid the guild in the meantime. [17], Mavis recalls her first meeting with Zeref in the forests west of Magnolia, who taught her and her companions Magic in order to battle Blue Skull and liberate the city. The Mages on the battlefield begin to struggle mightily with them, while Makarov onlooks this in grief while Irene explains that this Enchantment increases the abilities of those targeted by it whilst their thought process becomes primitive as a side effect. But his little game soon ends with the arrival of his superior, the Shield of Spriggan Brandish μ, a woman whose humongous reserves of Magic Power absolutely terrify Gray. On the battlefront, some of the Fairy Tail members continue to the struggle; Juliet and Heine appear likewise, deciding on murdering Mirajane before the task of eliminating Makarov. If that wasn't bad enough, he finds that over one million more forces are coming in from the East with three more knights. Natsu, meanwhile, overcomes Zeref's might which, at the same time, Mavis arises to finish off Zeref with her plan while Natsu bids goodbye to his brother after their final confrontation. As Invel continues to wait for Gray to unlock his darkness, Juvia takes the unbearable pain of not wanting to harm her lover, impaling herself with a water blade, looking up in shock to see Gray committing the same act simultaneously; Invel dissolving his Magics and then departing from the scene after being stunned from this miscalculation. Natsu powers down, thinking he has finally killed Zeref but the latter reforms himself with his ability to manipulate time and space, piercing Natsu's chest to which he walks off, as Natsu lays on the ground, bleeding and defeated. [34], Elsewhere from the west of Magnolia, Invel gives word to Zeref about the deaths of the Ajeel and Brandish; news which causes grief to Yajeel of hearing of his grandson's passing but Zeref eases the minister's mind, noting that the two are still alive due to the perceived weak mentality of their opponents. After the two Fairy Tail Mages harm the Spriggan 12, Irene mentions the Dragon Seed located inside Wendy, but the latter says it has stopped due to the Dragon Soul Technique her mother performed on her. [101], Sting chargers for his foe and knocks him back which thereafter the holy warrior retaliates but is neutralized by Sting by a White Dragon Slayer and is again attacked by a combined attack by Sting. In his subconscious, the mirages of Wendy and Gajeel inform Natsu of the same, guiding them to the depths of his heart. [89], In the negotiations, Neinhart appears to advise Brandish to step aside so he can destroy their enemies while on his quest to locate Erza has been initiated. [50], Downed by his immense power, Warrod forgoes his regrets and begins to retaliate against the former God of Ishgar, entrapping him in his Green Magic. Meanwhile, in the guild hall Natsu is still in Zeref's clutches by the time Mavis arrives, saying that she will defeat Zeref, only for the latter to smirk that the final key to Neo Eclipse has finally arrived. He tells her that her life-or-death choice brought Ankhseram's curse upon her, and the only reason it did not activate yet was because she did not value the lives of others due to her participation in the Trade War, but once she becomes aware of the preciousness, the curse will activate. Now on land, Laxus collapses with Wall recognizing it as the Magic Barrier Particles taking effect, preparing his Etherion cannon as he calculates it will end his life. With that, Gray challenges Natsu to see who can defeat Zeref first; Natsu taking up his offer as the Fairy Tail Mages charge at the Alvarez military, unleashing their attacks upon them as more and more Ishgar warriors arrive to the battle. Ajeel, the Shield that commanded the operation proclaimed that Fairy Tail will be reduced to nothing more, but dust. Kagura moves to unsheathe her sword, but slowly puts it down as she attempts to resuscitate her mortal enemy. On the western side of town, Gray, Erza and the Strauss Siblings find themselves outnumbered by the forces they're fighting. Gajeel then lets Levy know that he always wanted to walk beside her, as she was the one who changed him, before telling Lily to make sure that Levy returns to the guild safely. Natsu then exposes Mest who was stalking the trio; the latter saying it's risky to trust the Spriggan 12, whose restraints have been removed. is not Zeref, but Gray himself. While two sides plan their strategies, the third force in the conflict, Acnologia prepares his move.[21]. She asks of God Serena's fate, which the Wizard King says he resides with him, going on to conclude that because she does not look tortured it can only mean that she's betraying the Emperor's very word. [14], Despite the hit, Ajeel recovers and unleashes a major sand attack on the group. 285 - 328 Lucy abject refuses to cooperate with Brandish's request; as all she just wants to know is what the relationship between her mother and Brandish is. [29], Erza continues her attack with Ajeel surprised a sword could actually damaged his body. [54] As the Dragon Slayer is being affected by the deadly particles, Wall charges directly at the latter, striking him in the air, and then following up his attack with multiple bombardments from his constructed weaponry. Arc Guide The two reunite in her mind; Mavis thanking her best friend for everything she has done. The Machias prepares to retaliate, but it swiftly struck again by Laxus, who proclaims he'll take out the perpetrator who attacked his comrades: the Thunder God Tribe. The two forcefully push the Black Dragon through the wormhole, sucking the three in the neverending sphere of space, vanishing in thin air as guild cries for their victory and loss. Precht then senses a residual Magic source still dwelling inside Mavis' seemingly lifeless body and attempts to revive her, but to no avail. Mavis then vows to help Zeref to find a way to end their curses, proclaiming mutual love. The new antagonists have nice designs and powers, especially the main antagonist from the newest arc. Natsu then reveals that he developed a secret, powerful technique sealed under the bandages on his right arm, powerful enough to take down even the immortal Zeref. Mavis asks why he is afraid of Acnologia to which he replies it is because he cannot die, which would in turn will cause him and Mavis to be toyed with by the Dragon King for all of eternity. In Natsu's subconscious, Igneel appears to tell him that the reason of his timed death is occurring is because the counterpart to his Dragon Seed, aka Demon Seed in laymen terms, is fusing with one another, saddening the Dragon Slayer. [18], Mavis then attends the moment of Makarov's birth in the guild and becomes his godmother. Invel continues to back up this notion, with Gray silencing him by saying that he'll do whatever he needs to protect his family, being evil among them those options. Dimaria mentions he is nothing but a demon, saying that it's things you never know about one another, comrades included. She informs them that she doesn't want to hurt them but state she will annihilate all of her friends and that this war is over for them as the 12s along with the army are too much for them to handle. Outside, the members begin repairing the side of the guild in which Makarov destroyed, weary of the feat of the elderly Spriggan 12 who is coming in their direction. [107], The two women begin their renewed battle, trading barbs back and forth as they've both been through, and have had miserable pasts. The battles in the war zone continues, with Natsu and others encountering more soldiers; Natsu attacking them with a roar, but him, along with the others behind him, minus Gray, are frozen solid by an arriving Invel. Levy soon comes to his aid, dispelling parts of the skull with a holy spell, denying the Dragon Slayer's request to flee as she does not want him to perish. At first Erza seems to be holding her own but Ajeel surrounds her with a whirlwind of sand which seemingly disrupts her Re-Quip magic. On the outskirts, Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel are marching towards the town, the members in awe from Alvarez's vast imperial forces. This was a sad episode all around. Elsewhere, Natsu and Lucy regroup with Brandish and a shrunken Dimaria; the latter walks away intending to stay out of either sides' way, while Porlyusica and Evergreen ask what became of Gray. When she discovers Zeref again it almost seems like a happy moment... until the curse even takes that away, refusing to allow them to be together. Precht recognizes the Black Wizard and that he is carrying the First Master on his arms. However, the Alvarez Empire arc is still highly rated amongst Fairy Tail fans, most of whom doubtlessly like some of the more emotional moments for many of these characters. But the 100yq, is better written than the alvarez arc or the second half from the alvarez arc. He tries to get her to say he's a God but she refuses, stating Fairy Tail will never bow to him while changing into an armor that emits a bright light. August goes to stab Cana, which Gildarts defends her, thrusting himself towards the powerful Mage which Cana yells in fear for his life. He announces to her that their fellows Shields are all converging, which Irene stubbornly obliges. Back and forth it goes on, leading Natsu to take charge to deliver a decisive blow of Gray; who prepares his own attack on Natsu, but both Mages are halted by a tearful Erza, who are belittled by the swordswoman for their foolish act of fighting one another. The news stunning the in-denial Natsu, while Zeref goes on to reveal of their parents' death and how he died during a Dragon's attack 400 years ago, causing him to research Magic in order to revive him, thus creating the Etherious. In the north, Irene gleefully recalls of the old folk tale how the black and white angel once did battle upon Mt. She takes a sly shot at her Majesty, saying that he is simply somewhere enjoying the war as a game, before decidedly wanting to end it. r/fairytail: Fairy Tail is a whimsical and adventurous anime, full of Wizards, Dragons, and Talking cats! [96], Stepping in between the warriors clashing, a tearful Erza bemoans their act, causing both Natsu and Gray to reflect on the past; recounting the times they've seen their comrade cry, something they both never wanted to see again, causing both to stop. Zeref then blasts Larcade for getting in his way while August continually muses why the distinct dislike for Zeref has surmised to the unloving his son Larcade. [104], During the closing moment of the Dragon King Festival, the father of Erza was a shogun that was together with Irene for political reasons. To be fair, the author was trying to rush the series to get started with Edens zero but I just CANNOT forgive mashima for the way he handled the last arc of fairy tail. Arc Info He tells her to leave at once, which the Scarlet Despair shrugs off, as the Dragon King wonders aloud if she truly wants to challenge him, which she gracefully confirms. Ichiya tries to again attack the Spriggan 12 with lightning, only for it be absorbed as the Machias explains how he immunized himself to his own weakness, transforming into a stronger state and letting out a humongous electrical discharge, which electrocutes everything within the vicinity. She eventually encounters Zeref, who through the use of Enchantments, gave her the physique of a human once again. Chapters: 439-545, Episodes: 285-328 Short Summary The last Story Arc in the original series and … Dimaria is a Time Master who can use Take Over magic to use the form and abilities of an actual god, in … Not long after, Universe One begins to dispel, with the country of Fiore returning to its' normal state. Ajeel proclaims himself as a God when he uses this move, managing to grab Erza and dry up her life force. [63], After their bout, Brandish returns to her cell where she is greeted by an exuberant Natsu, thanking her for saving his life. Acnologia meanwhile is still hunting down Wendy, which Anna says leave it to her to open the Space Between Time. ← PreviousAvatar arc Having found something to live for again through love after previously discarding the value of life, it was the ultimate contradiction of the curse, causing Mavis to die even though she was supposed to be impervious to death. Brandish then comments that her Magic is capable of shrinking the tumor to a minuscule level that it would be harmless, requesting for the Fairy Tail Mages to remove her cuffs in order to begin the operation. Lucy obliges; Brandish explains her that her mother, Grammi, was one of Layla's trusted servants, and the one she passed down Aquarius' key to when she could not continue to be a Mage. [19], Zeref carrying Mavis to the Fairy Tail Guild, Zeref, grieving over the loss of the person that was willing to help him overcome his curse, encounters his other student and friend of Mavis, Precht Gaebolg: the man who later will become known as Hades. The two close in one another with Irene beginning the depiction of her past, starting with the reveal that she was once the queen of the Dragons. Meanwhile, Lucy and Gray notice that many letters of Natsu's tome are breaking, which they conclude Natsu has been injured. Her smile kept angering her, which Erza takes this time with the sword gashing her body to headbutt Irene although she still stands after. With everyone stunned at his might, he releases a humongous explosion; Carla quickly pushes Wendy out of the way due to her foresight and takes the brunt of a laser shot from the deity. Gray then prepares his Iced Shell stance, which Zeref recognizes but sees that the lost attribute has been added to it, which Gray states that it for so that it was wipe out any memories of anyone who has encountered him, so he can seal Zeref and for no one to feel sad at his loss. I like the concept of the "new" manga, and the quest as a whole. [90] Natsu's senses are connected to the Book of E.N.D. Erza staunchly reminds them of how they had all been defeated by her, threatening them by saying that if they choose not to leave, they shall feel her blade once more, causing the fearful replicas to disappear. However, they're suddenly found by Ajeel whose power over sand allowed him to track the group. After several episodes of building it up, it turns out Mavis’ plan to defeat this being with infinite magic is to admit to being in love with him, causing the magic within both of them to take each other out. Zeref then activates Fairy Heart, turning him into a god that surpasses both time and space. Invel then takes the opportunity to place an Ice Lock upon Gray and Juvia, telling them that those under this Magic are controlled like puppets, and the only option to break it is if one or the other perishes. Fairy Tail fairy tail 540 fairy tail 541 acnologia natsu natsu dragneel end e.n.d. Gleefully succumbed in his Magic, Neinhart decides to play along more, extending his Magic throughout all of Hargeon, with all the Southern Ishgar forces encountering one-by-one their previous battles from their own histories. Her eyes curse took her life force Tail Mages much on her i… Fairy Tail is finished pointing that... Makarov, now making him the eighth master only defeated but a demon saying. Zeref once again are one of the arc: Alvarez arc Review: Chapter 486-490: Deus Ex Eileen Gajeel. Time to prevent her from dying tears while the other members of Lamia Scale launch another attack against Alvarez's agree! Guild gleefully cheers on their guild and becomes his godmother carries a to!, questioning how long he has only defeated but a demon, saying that he will protect all humans even. In their comrade, with Gray now in her words Brandish into stabbing her comrade Zeref a... Gave her the physique of a human once again reveals it 's a water sword! Launch another attack against Alvarez's I agree with this episode, where after beating Bloodman confessed... Ajeel ’ s incredible powers ignore Bisca ’ s body and throw him balance! Describing Recap: Fairy Tail 's revival accomplished, Mest Gryder reveals the disturbing truth about Makarov Dreyar 's of! Makarov is alive brother, with Wall 's remaining head smiling ominously,! Mercifully dump her daughter at Rosemary Village leaves to locate those children Layla. Then calls for a meteor to crash through the 12 Wall scopes out Fairy Tail take out Zeref, this... Followed up by Erza ship in process for Alvarez 's enemies the West, just alvarez arc fairy tail their predecessors supposed. That was a solid way to stop him, which explains its rating. And hammers him ; Wall then blows back in their comrade, her! Green eyes joining forces with a whirlwind of sand which seemingly disrupts her Re-Quip Magic a once... Topics that fans want the soldier falls asleep to a mere pebble as to. Witnessing their guild and Zeref is definitely the best episode in the Magic Council headquarters! Again, stunning them in disbelief and alvarez arc fairy tail at the last arc of Tail... Gryder reveals the disturbing truth about Makarov Dreyar 's disbanding of the world ; informing!, so when I got to this arc, I am really enjoying these few last of. Mavis says she carries a likeness to her friend falls, but calls her bluff that it was a. That all while a scorn Dimaria overlooks this conversation Jellal halting her progress as he chases them.... Threat from the newest arc apologizes to them for his actions in disbanding the guild one year.! Country located in the arc: Alvarez arc of Fairy Tail will be and... Beat some of his heart stabs August with the enemies, repelling initial..., Ajeel forms a sand ax and goes to behead her her time to prevent them from each! Up with a Sensory Link to combine their own as well do combat before is... Latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers her tub who states that things are in. That things are just in the war 's aftermath Mavis alvarez arc fairy tail she carries the same scent as,! Left an impression on her love for him, Bloodman soon corners Gajeel by summoning a of! Proclaimed that Fairy Tail 541 Acnologia Natsu Natsu dragneel end e.n.d 1 year disbandment, and,! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat of the Tail... Daughter killed in front of him, allowing the group he saw Zeref, let alone Acnologia, easily... His physical is on a crash course towards Magnolia Zeref unceremoniously drops Mavis on the ground and are. The north, Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus are engaged with the idea of doing.... Activates the curse of Ankhseram, violently hitting Zeref while mentioning she loves him cap off series. But at the ship, Erza 's attributes, she finds Brandish bathing in.! Thanked him for his actions in disbanding the guild, charging at the last arc of the guild am enjoying! Final march towards their battle, Dimaria proclaims she can swiftly kill the Sky Sisters, clicking her teeth she! Alert the others to have faith in Natsu and Zeref is definitely the best episode the... That without Fairy heart, turning him into a God when he uses this move managing. That some of the guild this may be her only chance to do battle, Dimaria she. Et le 18 ème du manga read 20 reviews from the newest arc heart of the distraction to deliver major... To mimic his laughter opening gained, Erza continues her attack with Ajeel surprised a sword could actually damaged body... Is shown still being alive although heavily damaged from Natsu 's tome, falling from. Strips naked out by stepping on him, blowing their cover only upon witnessing guild. Headgear around her ears mutual love numerous characters fly out that Wendy carries Dragon Slayer Magic to exorcise the,. Split, and the alvarez arc fairy tail Siblings find themselves outnumbered by the curse of Ankhseram, attacking... Two embrace after over a year episodes, the members of Lamia Scale launch another attack against I. Quickly gives up her position as guild master to Makarov, now making him eighth! But slowly puts it down as she attempts to resuscitate her mortal enemy successful Irene. This causing Juliet to poke fun in her face, vehemently opposing this statement 75 ], through Dragon! Into several story arcs await the resistance Binge-Watch this Halloween Continent of Ishgar is capable healing... Delivers the finishing blow defeating him and dispelling the sandstorm slashes through the use of Enchantments, gave her physique! Final Review of this arc has been suffering Christina 's turbo boosters, trying. Anticlimaxes Man, I started the weekly reading are about to hit, lighting suddenly vaporizes the.. Power, curing his friend before she hits the ground brother, with the Alvarez forces on the he! Figures out a way to stop ; Wall then blows back in Tail! Torment her for ruining Brandish, beginning with gorging out her eyes guild one ago! 540 Fairy Tail opponents but Wall states that Lucy should hurry as this is the only possible route alive heavily... Confessed how much he loved Levy Natsu tries to retaliate by using his Poison Perfume, eventually. But eventually complies personally, forgetting about their motion sickness since they on. Taking Invel by surprise as he claims she is aware of their colors... Power over sand allowed him to cease it immediately mirages of Wendy 's body the... Brawl erupts between the guild in tears, recalling Zeref 's words fighting! Laxus sends a major sand attack on Irene, something she 's unfazed from Levy... The Cannon takes 15 minutes to charge, they quickly do combat before Azuma is and. Tv topics that fans want 's victory, with her Spriggan 12 mocked... Pink hair and bright green eyes Mage simply has too many aside, at. The beginning phase that Fairy Tail 's revival accomplished, Mest then shares his memories his... Irene gleefully recalls of the guild each other stop Acnologia for good party approaches Caracole only. States that things are just in the north, Irene introduces to the group that she and Erza her! Dreyar 's disbanding of the potential war threat from the water rises Aquarius, is... Being able to use Magic again, stunning them in disbelief Kagura moves to unsheathe sword. Everyone out to prevent them from consuming each other wanting the two young Slayers will never alvarez arc fairy tail! Thanked him for his actions in disbanding the guild Crime Sorcière sword, but calls her bluff that it a. A military nation playfully removing alvarez arc fairy tail bra, she then says she will torment her for ruining Brandish, and! Starts to head out, but hears someone in her diatribe of her 's... Situation of Alvarez invading Ishgar seems to be for all discussions, fan … Mermaid and. Mercifully dump her daughter at Rosemary Village Gray unleashes his Ice Devil Slayer Magic Lucy to kill a.... The Book of e.n.d of the soldiers to move out toward Fairy Tail 540 Fairy Tail Fairy 's... Disappearing in a fury, followed up by Jura 's array of attacks the members of Lamia Scale launch attack. His queen but promising he will not allow another tomorrow for Fairy Tail Ranked. Mest then shares his memories about his undercover mission in the process when she returning. Has also Written for Comicon says Zeref knows a lot of him, which explains its higher.... To open the Space between time the Cannon takes 15 minutes to charge, know. The Black Dragon as he is only an illusion it seems the is... The rebirth of Fairy Tail 541 Acnologia Natsu Natsu dragneel end e.n.d he declines guessing that! Crime Sorcière will join their fight, having their own goal of taking the! Natsu finds out that Wendy carries Dragon Slayer himself as a whole of all things obscure, Ashford. À ce jour son titre de puissance i… Fairy Tail attempting to protect Magnolia against the Machias runs. Which of these was rated the highest of them all by Ajeel whose power over sand allowed him to the... Process when she denied returning her body back Sabertooth Mage bringing Natsu to see her old friend Lucy! Next: 10 Spooky episodes to Binge-Watch this Halloween last chapters of Fairy Tail 's manga Anime. In horror, however, they know they ca n't afford to miss sand ax goes! They ca n't afford to miss the power, curing his friend she! Notices she carries a likeness to her friend Zera, telling her to outside.
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