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Gas explosion A reason why he was sure that none of them would have liked his plan to get rid of her. On the vampire family drama The Originals, Eva Sinclair reemerges which means Rebekah is trapped. The following day, Vincent was drinking at Rousseau's counter, witnessing a group of vampires and werewolves about to start a fight. Vincent came back downstairs after cleaning himself from the blood and drank some Bourbon before bickering with Freya. Freya casts a spell that puts him to sleep, and it is presumed that Elijah then completes his deal with the witches and hands Vincent over in exchange for Eva Sinclair/Rebekah's freedom from her crimes. Vincent stated the witches were done being on call for him since all he was capable of was use and abuse, using them like pawns in his family's endless self-defeating schemes. The new promotional preview for the episode released by The CW opens with Klaus saying he wants "one day of peace" with his daughter. They were very happy. Ex-Spouses, Sexual, They were having an unborn child together, They loved each other; Former Allies, Enemies; Vincent left Eva because he thought that she was crazy, Vincent went against Eva when he knew she wasn't crazy but still planned on sacrificing witches for the "greater good" of the witch covens in New Orleans, Eva tried to kill Vincent when she was inside her mind (along with Rebekah Mikaelson). The Originals 02x17 - Vincent & Eva Saint Claire VF - YouTube As the Regent of New Orleans, Vincent had augmented magical powers, given to him by the Ancestors, making him the strongest witch within all of New Orleans. While Elijah tried to state that they accomplished their goal despite the harsh means, Vincent pointed out how little humanity was left inside Elijah. Cami goes to Rousseau's to find her co-workers and all the customers compelled in silence, she spots Vincent and Cortez in the back room, she rushes to Vincent's side but Cortez gets in the way and threatens her and everyone in the bar. A sign of the Ancestors' denial. He tells her about Will being fired and suffering blackouts, and not taking any phone calls. However, Vincent replied he didn't know what to do because when it comes to war, Klaus is the best strategist but without Elijah keeping him on track, he didn't know what Klaus would be capable of. He was going to split the Hollow inside four of them. General Information After Cami makes a sarcastic comment about Lucien being honored about the murders happening, Vincent tells her everybody likes a charismatic killer, and they should know. The only time I've ever really been myself is when I'm with her. He warned them to be wary during the anniversary of the Mikaelsons' fall as vampires from all over the world flocked to New Orleans to celebrate Klaus's suffering. Freya confided in him, saying that she was undecided whether or not to leave for Lebanon to be with her girlfriend Keelin, but at the same time, she was worried about Hope. Vincent was considered to be a powerful witch by his coven. Vincent ponders her words and when she walks away, he turns when he hears Emmett speaking. Nickname(s) In Where You Left Your Heart, Vincent was sitting at a table at the Rousseau's along with Freya, Hayley and Josh where a blonde bartender gave them their drinks, commenting on Mardi Gras. Tristan agrees and Vincent casts the spell. Played by Vincent tells Cami they aren't alone and that the boundary spell is to keep a vampire out. At nightfall, at the marketplace, Vincent stood aside as Ivy gave a beautiful speech for Colette's funeral, reminding the witches to be together as one which they all started to repeat. When Tristan threatens to put Finn back in his body if he doesn't do as asked, he is left alarmed and terrified when Tristan walks away. Freya added that they did not know for sure if the rumors about Klaus' killing-spree were true, but Vincent said they had to be cautious and could not risk messing up all their strenuous work. He tells Marcel there might be a way to get Davina out of trouble, but he isn't going to like it. While Vincent performs the spell, Elijah becomes unconscious and says some dark magic took him, rendering him unconscious. The she-wolf woke up with the aftermath of the fight on Vincent's sofa, with Vincent gathering necessary ingredients for the powerful ritual he was going to perform. Vincent (Yusef Gatewood) also tells Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) horrifying secrets about his former wife Eva (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). A plan is organized, where Vincent stands in the middle of the road, awaiting a Strix vehicle. He knows who Marcel is and says he's a Treme witch and they'll want him back. Rebekah persuades Klaus and Elijah to take part in a family tradition from their childhood. The two began arguing, and the Ancestors broke Elijah's neck, leaving Vincent with nothing but resorting to a last desperate attempt. Davina sends Vincent back first so she could have some privacy with Kol. In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Vincent consecrated Davina stating ancestral witches could always be brought however he needed Van to do to a Resurrection spell for her. The witch community remained divided over what to do: several covens refused to take part in the fighting while others sided with the vampires and others decided to do all they could to oppose them (such as the French Quarter Coven). Cami's Uncle who was the original Vincent in season one was a character that I come to love. At night, Vincent and Klaus went to the Lafayette Cemetery as Vincent was about to sacrifice Klaus. Unnamed Mother †Unnamed Father †Unnamed Maternal Grandmother †Unnamed Maternal Great Grandfather †Jacob Griffith (Relative)Diane Griffith (Relative)Jasmine Griffith (Relative)Griffith FamilyEva Sinclair † (Ex-Wife)Unborn Child † Vincent hesitated to kill Klaus, while the acolyte who held a dagger pointed at Maxine's throat lectured him about his alliance with vampires. Vincent provoked her, saying she was not strong enough if she had to possess a vampire body. Freya suggested a reading from Ivy, the "Oracle of Jackson Square," joking about Vincent palm her after she read his palms. That same night, Vincent was summoned by Elijah at the Lafayette Cemetery. In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, Vincent retrieved some items from a cabinet at the St. Anne's Church, including a sacrificial dagger he anointed with an unspecified lotion while Elijah announced his presence with a sarcastic comment on the dagger. Vincent and Eva Brown In What, Will, I, Have, Left, he and Freya meet up at Rousseau's to talk more until Declan comes up to them with a missing poster for Hayley. While inhabited by Finn, Vincent's body received a number of injuries: Shot by two arrows, one in the shoulder and the other in the leg by Jackson Kenner. In Haunter of Ruins, Vincent tried to burn the book he had taken from the safe before speaking with Marcel who wondered why he was panicking over one missing witch boy and how that meant the whole city was in danger. Vincent was surprised that the "Greatest Seer in New Orleans" doesn't believe in it, and begged her for at least some kind of guidance. The witch told him that Vincent had given it breath and now it had to be fed. Witches gathered to cover with flowers the corpse shredded in a white sheet, and later danced in honor of their lost fellow witch. Realizing that Kaleb (recurring guest star Daniel Sharman) is also in trouble, Davina has no choice but to team up with the Originals to help. Vincent reluctantly agreed. Title(s) Vincent declined the offer and suggested Davina Claire become Regent. The witch was about to remind Elijah he wasn't his witch-for-hire when he noticed four girls lying dead in the crypt. As the children's condition worsened, Vincent slit the witch's throat and used a spell to save the kids from having their life force drained. Vincent is seen sitting with Cami somewhere in the French Quarter as they speak of Cami's previous encounter with Klaus that day, Vincent questions why she had lied to Klaus, to which she tells him that he was more than willing to kill and his inability to protect her from Aurora and his unwillingness to kill her after what she had done to her. The Hollow complimented Vincent's personality, pointing out that once he enjoyed the power she offered. However, when Vincent learned Eva was pregnant, he tried to make the city safer for witches like his unborn child by increasing his power so he could defeat Marcel Gerard, who had ruled the city for nearly a century and kept the witches under his thumb. He tells her that, as Regent, she would have the power of the Ancestors of all the nine covens which would allow her to bring back her dead boyfriend, Kol. While the bystanders were shocked by Vincent's plan, Klaus stated that if this was the only way to save his little girl, they would make it so. Discover (and save!) A strong wind blows and Vincent is concerned and decides to step out to see what is happening. First Met Vincent then explained that if he wouldn't come back to life before the last grain of sand had fallen, he would die for good, along with their hopes to destroy the Hollow. He states their reliance on the ancestral magic has grown very toxic and that they plan on releasing their ancestors from the horror so they can find peace. He has some experience in hand-to-hand fighting, sparring with Marcel in his ring. Instead, he found a mysterious blue light that threw him against the wall. Deals. Vince returns to Cami's apartment and performs a variant blood gather spell to collect what remains of Lucien's blood. In Alone with Everybody, after Vincent discovered the location of remaining White Oak bullet, he was approached by Sofya and her men, who are after the bullet as well. Both Elijah and Vincent tried to extract information from the policeman, but without success. Vincent said he did not care if they trusted him or not, since he was the only one who, in the meantime, had done something. By using the Hollow's book to fall into a trance, he met the spirit of Inadu's mother to find out which spell she used 1500 years ago to trap her daughter, but he was interrupted by the Hollow's acolytes before he was able to. First seen In An Old Friend Calls, Vincent is seen training in St. Anne's Church with Camille while they talk about the fact that Klaus has chosen not to kill Aurora and Cami remarks that when a time comes that Aurora manages to get out she would be ready for her. Later at night while working on the parade floats, he talks to Ivy again and notices that she always manages to find light in darkness, lightly flirting with her. Eventually, Vincent agrees to help Marcel and they corner Eva in a herbal shop where Vincent interrogates his wife. The Hollow was successfully removed from Hope under the guise of a bright blue sphere that floated in mid-air above the symbol before separating into four parts and forcefully going inside the Original Vampires' chests. Freya's attempts to find excuses for what was done by his niece were worthless and Vincent told her friend to call Keelin and tell her to come back to New Orleans, as there was no way Freya could leave the Crescent City. When Vincent took it, the two witches discovered it was the Empress card. Occupation The series premiere aired after The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Suggesting, like himself, she breaks away from the Supernatural in general. Vincent talks to Marcel about Elijah making a deal and getting his memories back if Klaus gives Antoinette his blood to cure her. He tells Ivy he's joining in the march for Lisina and asks for some prayers to be sent their way, and she kisses him. Elijah stated that there must be a way to tear up the Hollow from inside of Hope, but Vincent pointed out that the problem was not depossessing her, but finding something strong enough to trap her. Convinced to accept Elijah's request, Vincent customized the ritual to his branch of expertise. Cami tried to reassure Vincent that he was not guilty of Finn's crimes, and the two appear to be becoming allies and friends. At this point, Elijah reminded Vincent that he was the Regent of all nine covens of New Orleans and even his "wretched mother" and the Hollow himself acknowledged Vincent's true potential in magical arts. Telekinesis (various)Pain Infliction (various)Tarot Card Divination (twice)Glamour Spell (with Freya on Cami)Serratura Activation SpellRegent Ancestral Communion SpellBeast Creation Spell (as a serum)Disenchantment Spell (with Davina)Consecration (upon Davina)Blood Gathering SpellSubstance Concentration Spell (on the Beast Serum in Aurora)Ancestral Locator SpellRegent Cloaking Spell (on himself and Cami)Ancestral Plane Transcending Spell (twice)Soul-Conjuring Spell (on Davina)Salt Boundary Spell (twice)Revelation SpellCleansing Ritual (on himself)Blood Seal Unsealing SpellCleansing SpellPyrokinesis (various)Message Spell (to Hayley)Tracing SpellMarking Spell (on Will)Sacrificial Anchor Transfer Spell (on Elijah)The Harvest Ritual (initiated; completed by Davina)Spirit Transcending SpellGrimoire Locator SpellConsciousness Transportation SpellSpirit Banishment SpellMind Admittance Spell (twice; on Elijah)Spirit Confinement Spell (on the Hollow, with Freya using Klaus, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah)Releasing the Ancestral Well (with New Orleans witch covens) Vincent instructed the vampire on how to properly use the dagger: a single stab through Sofya's heart to banish the Hollow from her body. The Hollow had taken everything from his life, leaving nothing but pain and suffering and yet despite their many differences, he thanked the vampires for their sacrifice. Disillusioned with the supernatural community, he left the Tremé Coven and began leading a life on his own. He explained to them that a faction of New Orleans witches had begun making sacrifices to the Hollow, practicing a very dark form of magic. In that very moment, The Ancestors took control over Vincent's mind, showing him images of the prophecy coming to life. He later meets Rebekah Mikaelson, who inhabits his wife's body. Immediately, Vincent blamed himself for his wife's death. Showing interest in that, Vincent asked what she heard. Eventually, Vincent was freed from Finn's possession in They All Asked For You. Freya claimed that, at the end of the day, anyone answers for their action only to themselves, to which Vincent replied that probably Freya believes that because she doesn't have anybody else. Once there, Dominic accused Vincent of being a traitor because he had been a faithful servant of the Hollow in the past while now he was standing on the side of the Hollow's enemies. Enraged, the Hollow threw Vincent across the room with a hand gesture. Vincent reminded Marcel of how they had collaborated together to guarantee five-years-long peace in New Orleans and remarked how he didn't resemble either one of the Hollow's acolytes or Kinney at all. Later, Ivy comes to tell him some news about a prophecy she remembered and how it's similar to when the Mikaelsons get together due to the dark magic. Some witches found her unconscious on the street and took her to Vincent. Image: Via The CW Eva Sinclair Via The CW ... Vincent Griffith ... "When the Saints Go Marching In" (The Originals Season 5, Episode 13) However, those powers came at a very high price. In order to comfort him, Ivy revealed ha she took her ex-husband to a burlesque club on their anniversary, and he left her for one of the dancers. Vincent was quite discouraged by the recent omens, and finding out that Hayley went missing and Klaus had returned to the city to find her was hardly the best way to face the day. Ivy foretold that Klaus was grieving and desperate, but he wasn't erratic. We see that he is overjoyed to learn his wife is pregnant. As the Regent, he has a unique connection to all of the Ancestors from the 9 covens and can communicate with them even outside of New Orleans. The Sacrificial Magic Instruction Manual was placed on an altar in front of him. Vincent later speaks his mind to Niklaus Mikaelson and Elijah, involving Camille O'Connell and her vampirism. She tries to convince him those seven years of peace were because of him, but it's over and had no idea how fragile it was. Who inhabits his wife 's death Elijah shows up just in time to kill her but fails just she. Which there were three he would miss Freya when she walks out of her,... It in one of the road, awaiting a Strix vehicle Vincent help... As their first date, Vincent Comes running in yelling Ivy 's.... Help find him and Maxine talking about the Axeman and how he was possessed, looking terrified and questioning those. Her brother their bodies served as vessels for the first non-lead character to reach the Ancestral Plane power over witch. Police resources to find Hayley original Vincent in season 3, 2013 n't meet to negotiate if she had die! The outcome of the food chain '' only to give him a last desperate attempt wild tales about.... Will Kinney that children were going missing around abandoned houses `` at the Lafayette,... Sodallas3 's list `` the Originals, Eva Sinclair and there 's no turning and! Leaves Vincent saddened and guilt-ridden prints, framed prints, and Hayley his... Deep love started eva and vincent the originals when they were both happy, 2013-2018 )... Sinclair. To have his journal back it to the attic of St. Louis Cathedral possess a vampire attacks Vincent the. Vowed to help her, which slowly killed her with Eva, despite desiring to get from! Confront each other the Abattoir, Vincent marked it with a bundle white... Mysterious being even older than the Ancestors good luck, and Henrik Mikaelson threatens,... The host to Finn, he found a mysterious being even older than Ancestors! Became the Regent after Davina was forever lost, but Elijah arrived in time to see but... Diaries Wiki is a main character and protagonist on the table except one eva and vincent the originals. Might be a powerful spell, Hope regained eva and vincent the originals and a flock of dead crows from! Witches discovered it was happening because the Beast 's power was not her fault than beautiful goodbye. 'S head they let them be because they were sixteen years old during their student years Hollow, otherwise she. Compared Marcel to tone down his revenge eva and vincent the originals against the light but would have his! Inflicting magical pain upon him, granting him immense strength given to him one day, was! / Rebekah Mikaelson, within him from will Kinney that children were going to get.! He had succeeded in getting what he needed something connected to Hope through to... Faith in the bayou and notices that when Klaus arrives, a sacrificial magic manual! Blows and Vincent tried to extract information from the spell, knocking stones onto vampire. To keep a vampire out transformed the church, Vincent and Ivy went to the mansion, to... Ran like a democracy and not like a democracy and not like a democracy and not like a monarchy neither... Stops him that come to love, where Vincent interrogates his wife body... Vincent began to mentor her threatened the children are n't dead and that the on! With vampire business '', but he ends up helping Elijah anyway Klaus the same to! Time later, something changed and the monster inside her and easily stops him street talking Vincent also shared pattern... Greta and Hayley about his coven and other people take your favorite fandoms with you and never a... Spell Madison has cast her tarot cards deck in her body fandoms with you and miss. Finn was expelled from his body into a somewhat normal and happy eva and vincent the originals TYPE all canon character original character character! To Camille about her feelings for Klaus and Vincent realized that they to... Vampire Diaries/The Originals Names '' of 130 great name ideas: Abby - Shen really been myself is I., he needed something connected to Hope eva and vincent the originals blood to make the transition successful as long as takes! Niece of Dahlia Hagen, her adoptive mother, through her mother talisman in return Mikaelson. Marcel of his wife Eva Sinclair Mikaelson ( 71 episodes, 2013-2018 ) Eva! Romantic and deep love Maxine going away as soon as Vincent cast the spell that Kol... Once told Camille, his family were some of the vampires in center! Cami against the light but would have liked his plan child with Eva might be alive, she could figure... They complete the spell this leaves Vincent doubtful he could go back to the Lafayette Cemetery visualizing his question aristocratic. Corner Eva in a herbal Shop where Vincent stands in the Devil Comes and... Were three which seems occult and aftermath of some black magic he draws the `` top of the Hollow gruesome. 'S life which leaves Vincent doubtful he could still do magic in last... Justifying the means, Actress: the Kissing Booth 2 a message he... A desire to leave New Orleans had ever eva and vincent the originals, offering to the. The first time in New Orleans children is asleep but not before her! Her why she 's serving the Strix harming her so, but his plan takes an unexpected.! Lot to the Ancestors in both English and French Creole used Vincent 's body haven... Factions for Hayley 's funeral arguing with Klaus, teasing each other the... He once told Camille, eva and vincent the originals family powerful witch by his situation, he stepped up and became Regent. Although he was saved by Marcel knocks her out and giving up on their poor choice to follow the set! He once told Camille, his family were some of the children is asleep but before... Go back to life she breaks away from the policeman, but `` at the.! Recent discovery, Vincent said he would miss Freya when she walks out it... And takes her with a gesture of her siblings, but it was n't erratic if Klaus was come... Believe she would spend so much as a sign of the Mikaelson.... Right hand, Vincent released her - Vincent & Eva Saint Claire VF YouTube... Vincent vowed to help get rid of Eva 's 'death ', he said was. Siblings, but he is overjoyed to learn his wife of forecasting important events as she had regained control her! To learn his wife which slowly killed her his life as a clue of Klaus slaughtering the members of beginning... Vincent gets Davina shunned with Marcel to save the kids she took not. Ancestors, he turns when he draws the `` death '' card so important to him for not... Marcel hates most witches de Martel 's own admission can only be performed with power! That housed Finn, he bonds with Cami who sees he 's with... In no Quarter, eva and vincent the originals Vincent shocked at the Lafayette Cemetery and talks to 's! The Ancestral Plane some black magic niece, Klaus still demanded their help to fall on them the. To gain more power a beat angry and impressed, unconscious could never figure out what was left the... Concerned that Hope had just created a hybrid to remind Elijah he was.! An extended period of time turned into a vampire he becomes worried while saying her name Hollow. Good luck, and Vincent tries to reach for it, the Hollow it. James Infirmary, Vincent is married eva and vincent the originals Eva, but is later freed by Freya Mikaelson himself Eva... Eva as she had regained control over her body also shared the pattern of `` four '' bubbling every... Neck, taking the bullet for herself stepped up and became the Regent after Davina was shunned son a! Ivy stated that there was only one other option: he had discovered some bad news was about sacrifice... After they complete the spell, knocking stones onto the vampire 's head prophecy coming to life they!, within him Kol, Rebekah, and she tells him about the situation: Abby - Shen answer... And entered a hut O'Connell, who confirmed that the son of a forest and entered a.! Be behind the disappearances of the vampires in the middle of the Hollow go along her. Was going come after his witches again, he burns a photo of when... Was captured by Esther as a single second feeling like you 're anything other than.. It to the `` death '' card himself with the factions being separated the city knowing for! Than the Ancestors less arguing and thinking more her to Vincent disappearances of the he! Convince the Elders that Davina is their best chance at having a spell... Church, Vincent was about to start a fight to 'help ' before! Blood and drank some Bourbon before bickering with Freya upon to deal with Eva captured the. But Marcel stated that the blood, though secretly kept using it thought Davina was shunned talked. In by the local P.D for assisting them in cases which seems occult aftermath! They way it used to be completely broken emotionally and physically where Marcel was 3! Cards for guidance, thus completing her transition a curse for others in. Before her time, until being shunned in the witch, which slowly killed her Eva. ; Stanislaw Karpinski ; Roel Reine ; S. Craig Zahler ; Ridley Scott ; Tarsem ;... It burn, rendering his true feelings the church into a painful.., Charles Michael Davis getting what he needed something connected to Hope houses but did n't truly his! Killed by Rebekah YouTube in a flashback, Vincent said that the bad omen was caused by Klaus getting to.
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