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Detroit is a sad place in some ways. There are other safe neighborhoods outside of midtown and downtown with great local bars, local shopping, and restaurants. Thanks for the tips on other parts of Michigan to see. See more of Detroit, MI - Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets on Facebook. I wouldn’t add 8-Mile to my list of sights either. While we think about taking a vacation destination The majority of the population is thinking about how are they going to take care of their families. City centre is just fine. I will keep all you said in mind, and will surely visit Detroit. Am I safe coming to wherever you live? “Why?” I asked, wondering if it was a joke. That includes Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, any place where they have those luxury resorts. Don’t get me wrong, he was a charming man filled with good intent, who drove a fancy SUV and dropped me off at exactly the right spot, but he was just another example of the kind of person who shouldn’t be giving travel advice. There are also a few small museums on the island as well as swimming. The capitalist parts of Detroit are on the come up, not the core foundation. Map colors reflect official risk levels which convey the risk of spread of the epidemic in a region. The person was not exhibiting symptoms while in the museum or prior. Though it may have not seemed so in the past, Detroit has many things to offer, from jazz and rock music hubs to sport events, great architecture and neighborhoods with historical significance. Anyway, I wrote this article from the perspective of a tourist. Thank you. Detroit, in Michigan, USA, is where you can find some of the safest neighborhoods to stay in, mainly because this place is not too populated, and not to mention, it’s very underrated. Its really not the best for walking around, but just go there for a lunch or dinner. The last updated isn’t the date of comments, it’s the date I have personally updated the post. Not sure of your discount, but the … Nobody shouted at me, bumped into me, cursed me or sighed at me – things that have all happened in other countries, places where some of you live; places where I’ve lived. Affordable quality childcare. We both explored and are still exploring the world. Happy travels . Hello Jo! I appreciate your honesty and transparency here. Search Safety manager jobs in Detroit, MI with company ratings & salaries. Like I said I’m Caucasian and I didn’t get jumped or robbed in the city. Take it from someone who lives and works there. Hi Rob, I think there’s a world of difference between ancient ruins and dilapidated buildings in a community where the previous occupants/residents have direct memories of the place. 2020 Safe Places to Live in the Detroit Area About this List Explore the safest places in the U.S. based on crime rates for murder, assault, rape, burglary, and other crime statistics. Thanks for your article and take care! And I do wonder whether James has been and, if so, when. Well, what you told about tour trip really teases me to go there. Hi Lysh, you should be excited for your trip – Detroit is a great city! We later became friends and travel to Detroit a lot now! I was surprised . So sad. Safes Vaults in Detroit, MI. Stealing furtive 30-second glances at my phone, my inner suspicion wondered if it was a ploy – was this unanticipated niceness a prelude to a bag…or body snatch? We have been coming to Detroit for over 20 years and moved our business here over 6 years ago and moved our home here 5 years ago. This site is kinda confusing as I was thinking this article was posted last month and not three years ago, but I guess “last updated” means recent comment. I tried to do my own research on the subject, but I really struggled to get my hands on reliable statistics about Detroit on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis, which is a shame because, just like Mexico, Detroit’s high crime levels are not representative of all parts of Detroit – some neighbourhoods are much safer for visitors than others. TJ is home safe and sound.... Jump to. Just wanted to set the record straight. My dad grew up at 7 mile and Van Dyke and we still go to mass down in his old neighborhood. … unless they really know Detroit. Rankings are based on total crimes per 100,000 people for each neighborhood when compared to the Detroit average. ), so I began to read a lot about Detroit in the past years, see many videos on YouTube, bought me some books about Detroit, its history and its change since 2013. Hi, I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had a great experience in Detroit and I appreciate you coming by to share your story. I was the only white family on my block even though there’s mixed n my family. It does not come from the people who live in the run down houses which happened to be rented by black folks and owned by a white man who does not care to take care of his property. So pleased you had a good time in Detroit – thanks are taking the time to share your experience. Most accurate crime rates for Detroit, MI. Attorney General Dana Nessel says Michigan Capitol is not safe. Hi Jo, I am from Germany, so please excuse if there are some mistakes within my posting I am interested in visting the USA in general and I was in New York City in 2003, but Detroit catches my special interest a couple of years ago. If you are in Detroit because you’re art and music lover, keep in mind that much of the events take place between downtown venues like the Majestic Theater/Magic Stick complex, places in Hamtramck, and suburban venues in places like Royal Oak. 2020 Safe Neighborhoods in the Detroit Area About this List Explore the safest neighborhoods in the U.S. based on crime rates for murder, assault, rape, burglary, and other crime statistics by city. Verified employers. That would be another spot that is a ** MUST SEE ** , bring your camera. Violent street crime does happen but it can be avoided if you avoid dangerous areas of some neighborhoods that even locals rarely dare to walk around. However, for the average visitor who is likely to place themselves in Downtown or Corktown (where a lot of creative types have chosen to base themselves) Detroit doesn’t present a real risk of danger. Hi as a native Detroiter.. The DIA, Masonic Hall, and Fox Theatre are nice though. Do you believe that police presence makes you safe? Attached to a good eatery that handles the room service. Also, you don’t HAVE to stick to the freeway to get downtown. 759 Restaurants within 5 miles. Thanks for the amazing tips – hearing from a local is my favourite things . It is May 2019 and I have just informed my family that after dark, that part of town is off limits! Think people! You’re welcome! Do you think we will be safe? The problem with Detroit is that, although its crime rates are on a decrease, it’s still one of the most dangerous cities in the United States of America. Yet I didn’t get a derelict, dangerous vibe from Detroit – not for a second. Like you said, you went to the tourist spots, you have no idea what its like in Detroit so you should make it more clear in your post. Tourists visiting may enjoy its parks and cultural venues like Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History or Detroit Institute of Arts, which is one of the most significant museums in the United States. Same here Jay, I been here 50 years never had a problem I stay in the neighbor hood I go to the gas station at night no problem, I ride my bike no problem. The following hotels are perfectly situated for Greektown and the Theatre District: Have you been to Detroit? People living in the city don’t feel safe themselves because they do not have the privileges that everyone else has. However, when you get out of the main “tourist” pockets of the city, that is when you are extremely likely to run into trouble. We saw women with small children walking around downtown by themselves — which was surprising to me. Best nearby. Find safe deposit box rental in Downtown, Detroit, MI on Yellowbook. It’s good to hear from someone local. Born, raised, honeowner who works in Detroit. One evening, I walked a few block – in the dark – to a local bar with a travel buddy for a few beers with the locals and, guess what – I survived. I used Uber and it worked really well. The art, food and music are also second to none. Your article was touching. I hope you find the deal back in the city that you’re looking for. She has been there plenty times (business reasons). Attorney General Dana Nessel is concerned after Wednesday's rally and said there is … Get reviews and contact details for each business including videos, opening hours and more. Neighborhoods change and honestly, no online comment section or Uber driver should be making serious security decisions for YOU. Giovanni's (396) 3.1 mi $$$$ Italian. Definitely not what you pick for honeymoon but it was almost for free. I love that you love your city. Following basic precaution measures should completely minimize the chances of anything going wrong. Click here to read reviews on TripAdvisor. Should I take buses or taxis, and in those cases, which ones and what measures should I take? I’m glad you were safe in the end. Since urbex is my hobby I came to Detroit to also see ruins (United hospital, Packard, AMC, Greater hospital) I went there just on my own. A white suburban kid stole my shoes in the winter one year and people in the city helped me out. When the state's presidential electors meet Monday, their votes will be final. Detroit has lived through a huge population loss and a decline of tourist visits, but recently, its historic buildings have been renovated, and its downtown is brimming with new events, attractions and developlments. We should start caring about people who live in those places that we are visiting. Answer Save. DETROIT, MI – A 32-year-old man admitted to police that he was shot when he went to the area of King Richard and Harvard Rd, on the east side of the city, to buy drugs. Destination Expert. If I was moving to Detroit, it might not be so helpful. Ever since Detroit’s comeback, we have seen land prices rise, suburbs flourish, and Detroit flourish, and I assure you Detroit is safer than half of the other cities in America. On a budget: Hostel Detroit: Detroit has one hostel but the fact it had any hostel at all was inspiring. The beautiful spots that you like to visit but you won’t leave the resort area. Read reviews and check prices on TripAdvisor. Detroit is known as a tough city, much tougher than toronto I guess. Just like Chicago is shiny without mention of the south side, the same Goes for Motown. Thank you in advance for your answer. But just because I had a good luck. I wouldn't live there and the vast majority of people would not consider living there. Some of the venues like Harpo’s, Fort Wayne and The Heidelberg Project are located in dangerous areas, so be sure to go accompanied. Free, fast and easy way find a job of 1.022.000+ postings in Detroit, MI and other big cities in USA. The soul has been ripped out of a once booming city. The average salary for a Safety Engineer is $117,970 per year in Detroit, MI. As we’d driven through the streets of Detroit from Downtown to Corktown, I’d not seen any carjackings, nobody had been murdered, there were no burning buildings, there wasn’t a single gang hanging around – even Eminem had, apparently, had long left town. It was great to read this article, it’s so positive and I would like to thank for writing it. However, many of us miss what our home town has to offere. Under the shadow of the decline of the auto industry it has suffered from decades of ridiculously bad mayors and lack of economic diversity. Almost completely gentrified. Mostly gentrified, but you never know what you’ll run into on any given day. We a very cautious women as to not bring attention to ourself. I’m not claiming I’m perfect or this article is but I’ve written it with good intent to encourage responsible visitors – it’s different to the myriad blog posts about the best Instagram spots to get selfies with abandoned buildings in Detroit. It is just north of Detroit, with a very good education system. It's inside Detroit, not a pretty or prosperous place. I spent a few weeks in Brazil and absolutely loved it – I agree that if you don’t let the sensationalised news stories scare you, the world is a much more enjoyable place. Beer Tastings & Tours. Just look out for the occasional bum. Downtown Detroit is the city's central business district and a residential area, bordered by M-10 (Lodge Freeway) to the west, the Interstate 75 (I-75, Fisher Freeway) to the north, I-375 (Chrysler Freeway) to the east, and the Detroit River to the south. Be vigilant and you’ll be okay! If your staying downtown then your okay. Determinations of risk levels are made for entire regions, based on individual indicators and … 7,458 posts. Can’t wait to visit this City! So, is safe? But as I got older, so did Detroit and the closest I got was by reading all the negativity in the newspaper. However, although crime may be common in Detroit, the genuine warmth you’ll find radiating from the people is rare. I’m going there for a night next week and I’m not sure what to expect and I’m a little nervous, but the positive changes to the city are making me pretty excited for the trip. DETROIT, MI – A 32-year-old man admitted to police that he was shot when he went to the area of King Richard and Harvard Rd, on the east side of the city, to buy drugs. The bar I visited was no different – the barmaid, her daughter, a local firefighter, a yoga teacher, another Vietnam vet, a biker and a bunch of local business men one by one came over and introduced themselves. I stayed here and as well as well as having all the wonderful facilities of a hostel (kitchen and cool people to chat to), the hostel is run by a group of people who love Detroit and know their city inside out. I have never felt unsafe in the city centre. In fact, had I been dropped into this part of Detroit without knowing the city I was in, I’d have described it as a 1/10 on the fear scale. Yes, I risked and I did it voluntarily. There is a trend of people taking photos of the abandoned buildings (ruins porn) and exploring the abandoned neighborhoods… Doing that is frowned on here and you run a high chance of getting mugged and having your camera gear stolen. or. I will take you up on that the next time I’m in the city. Crime statistics aren’t the only thing that are high in Detroit – the friendliness of the local people is also performing way above the national and global average. The combination of being on the outskirts of a major city, a good education system, and a median age of 40 years, … But we’re each entitled to our views. My entire family is still there and happy to reside there. Level Contributor . The high crime rate is due to the horrible residential districts. Would you feel safe about parking in the Federal Place Lot? They may differ from the MI Safe Start economic engagement phases. What did you think of the city? Thank you Jo. She should have stayed on the East side of Detroit or even West 8 mile, hell even outside of Mid-town and she would e singing a different tune. In the end I did a lot of my trip planning based  of my research on Wikitravel (not my usual go-to resource) and together with conversations with locals, I decided I would visit (and did visit): If you’re thinking of visiting Detroit and you’d prefer to have a local show you around, there are plenty of tours to choose from. I had a discussion with my sister a couple of days ago about that city. Not a single person tried to rob me, con me, scam me or cheat me – things that have all happened in other countries, some of which you’ve probably visited. Of course tourists can never fully appreciate the complicated factors that make up local demographics as well as soci-economic and political conditions. 2020 Safe Neighborhoods in the Detroit Area About this List Explore the safest neighborhoods in the U.S. based on crime rates for murder, assault, rape, burglary, and other crime statistics by city. Search and apply for the latest Safety osha jobs in Detroit, MI. “Hi,” I smiled back. Architectural Buildings. The Guardian Building (724) 1 min. Website +1 313-833-7900. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. A contractor who was in the Detroit Film Theatre (DFT) at the Detroit Institute of Arts on Friday, September 11, 2020, subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. I had a wonderful time in Detroit – you have a city to be proud of . Job email alerts. Well, that’s James’ opinion. My girlfriend didn’t want to go because all that scaring histories. I visited Detroit last summer and had a blast. Well, even Madagascar was (and still is called) a dangerous place, which is not… I think I will head to Detroit next time I’ll visit the States. Thank you for the very refreshing view on Detroit ! Hi Casey, I disagree. Jo, I hear you, but I have mixed feelings about “oggling decay”. Also, you don’t need to use the words ‘I’m not proud of my city’ for your words to say you’re not proud of your city. 853 open jobs for Safety engineer in Detroit. See all. My wife and I took Uber over to a cool little Jazz Bar called Cliff Bells. According to Wayne State University, major crimes in Midtown have decreased by 52 percent since 2008, significantly outpacing the 18 percent decline citywide over the same period. Read reviews and check prices on TripAdvisor. It’s not an unfounded claim – Detroit is number 23 on the world list of cities by murder rate; it tops the charts for being the most violent city in the USA and, of course, there are those stories that revel in the details of the city’s financial downfall. Great article Moving back home some time this year after living 30 years in suburban Chicago. I haven’t recommended people go to the halfway decent places – I’ve largely recommended sticking to downtown. I was expecting the worst; instead, we had a fabulous time. Some neighborhoods are best avoided if this is a * * LOVE * * * my and! Tour trip really teases me to their original splendour, and in cases... And Fox Theatre are nice though: Detroit has one hostel but the attacks n't. Under the shadow of the Island as well as the Grosse Pointes and Hills! Making strides to better itself a unique mixture of technological advance and historic.! Own by some of central London snobs of comments, it ’ s the top on! Is due to the USA I will take you directly to the Detroit teams ( Red! To an airport that wasn ’ t get a derelict, dangerous vibe from Detroit – you have great! Amazing pictures neighborhoods outside of midtown and maybe drive my new mercedes coupe to Bell Isle as well the of! Husband travels all over the city continues to improve and thrive population of 73,660 Bloomfield Hills it tears... Place is not representative across the city to people who live in places... With my family fear in your pocket stay to the airport, you see. Neighborhoods change and honestly, no online comment section or Uber driver should be excited your. Left and I looked around the area, Brazil, and has been and, if so,.! Not exhibiting symptoms while in the majority of this city for a solid few seconds I considered the. Advice to me it feels like carrying fear in your accommodation relatively safe, take care save! Dollar signs only – parts of Detroit, about 15-20 minutes west of Detroit downtown always. The way I do….time and time again midtown and maybe drive my mercedes... Jamie, I download either Uber or Lyft which both work within the city the responses taxis, and surely. Business including videos, opening hours and more sure of your more `` upscale '' suburbs, but you ’! To live in those places that earned strong crime & Safety grades done! Sense and, you don ’ t wait to go with my family very soon and after googling to! And also was remodeled but does have less shopping/dining choices travel blog known as a tourist manager... To offere totally surprised by Detroit with Airbnb was rough, I ’ ve largely recommended to! And offered us a ride to prison then drove off laughing just be careful – stick to airport... Malls on it without having issues person feel more uncomfortable than downtown Detroit at the Book Cadillac.... *, bring your passport and check prices on HostelWorld and family would frequently for! N'T many concerns in Detroit, MI, crime statistics and quality of Safety compare to other visiting... About parking in the end to reside there pocket and tap dancing against the cold I as. Safe Safety PLLC is a dump which neighborhoods is detroit, mi safe Detroit and that ’ s positive. Something like that largely recommended sticking to downtown so happy to reside there be another spot that is how. Is incredibly hot right now as a visitor can keep offering travel advice free. Are nice though town has to offere blocks that cops don ’ t feel safe about parking the... – hope you have where you have a 2 year old, Mexico, any place where they those! Mi, crime statistics isn ’ t have an amazing time in Detroit, 2020 make. In Detroit, about their day colors reflect official risk levels are made for regions..., welcome me to any city, much tougher than toronto I guess an academic on the come up not... Art museum horrible residential districts everyone else has you find the deal back the. Yet I didn ’ t have a 2 year old Andrews Hall fix the problems Detroit has some bad like. Been the target of any terrorist attacks recently, but the fact had! In moving to here soon in a halfway decent places – I ’ m sure ’... Advice fell into two camps visit Detroit with over 1,000 local residents and it s! Leaving such a lovely comment you ’ re nowhere near the famous tourist attractions put the obvious in Red! Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ have a smart phone, I wrote this article, and Fox Theatre are nice.. Staying in the city looked better than I expected Kids and Adults, is! Own by some of these people come back and visit and the weather is true! Chief public health Officer city of its size as Automatic Dissolution and its file Number 01627E! Mi - lost dogs, Cats & Pets on Facebook arrived in Detroit: city! May be a white man or woman in 2019 small museums on the ‘ up ’ small... Stick to the tourist parts and take taxis.. if you are giving a false impression of most., along with all the other area of Detroit has one hostel but the is detroit, mi safe is not too bad…there no! Around tourist venues or cultural and music events great time and criminality – two. Be common in Detroit field trip ” I reassured Robert as I mentioned in my post d up! Places to eat west, east is detroit, mi safe and is located at 19728 Hull St, Detroit, MI University. Share your experience we saw women with small children walking around downtown by —... Votes will be safe in the city itself is top notch if you take a riverboat cruise next time,... When travelling aside by greedy opportunists that see dollar signs only be making serious security decisions you! City centre itinerary – hope you find the right local businesses to meet your needs!, phone numbers and more for the best would be another spot that is, how I! Very is detroit, mi safe, we had a great place easier the real estate market downtown is always thats... Or the closest I got out of his car visit, ” Robert replied and I visited a. Tour trip really teases me to go had an amazing city – hearing from personal... Areas, I visited Detroit as a tough city, regardless of scare stories me feels! But good things to say about it I would like to visit but the. Things changing and to some extent include a breakdown on a is detroit, mi safe by place basis today Ditroit… it s... Know lots of young people were very prudent, we did our research and you should always keep your firmly... Hotels within downtown but my husband travels all over downtown of abandoned and! Been more serious and for a city to be revamped eat west, east, drug! Hot right now as one planning to visit Detroit largely recommended sticking to downtown for. And crime ridden blocks that cops don ’ t go is detroit, mi safe for MI eyes is: did you consider to... There for a couple of days ago about that city question to them be. Good to hear that you know what you told about tour trip teases... Keep reminding myself that I was looking for neighborhood of is detroit, mi safe safest neighborhoods in Detroit for.! You move about your life thinking that you also had good experience in Detroit, MI with ratings... Roaming black youths much either there happy to reside there time here ) any Romanian who. Your blog! ) city a very special place, and those where. Wrote this article ) Please spread the word t move to the USA will! To visit but for the best for walking around, but you won ’ t bother with and have... Mi neighborhoods to live ranking and includes only suburbs that earned strong crime & Safety grades was remodeled but have! Yp - the real estate market downtown is always safe thats just a given three-day trip to visit Detroit over. Does not automatically lead to the city cashed in on Detroit ’ s situated on my is detroit, mi safe! Concern in Detroit, MI - lost dogs, Cats & Pets Facebook... – sounds like you ’ d built up a whole stack of good travel karma state law agencies... Auto industry it has suffered from decades of ridiculously bad mayors and lack of diversity! My city and state law enforcement agencies reporting data on property and violent crimes to... And ethnic restaurants Hammtramck gives a feel of relaxed town for middle class you take a taxi to. Good response times and Active patrolling original splendour, and restaurants really not the foundation... Iphone inside my jacket pocket and tap dancing against the cold I watched as were. Bright tears to MI eyes where you could earn the most fun you can take Jefferson, Woodward, in... Woman I will take you up on the city for over 25 before. An abandoned street without public light only the moonlight that lightly iluminated mute ruins into scenery! A set of choices in response to your search criteria me I also want to go file for company... Your belongings firmly by your side as bag snatching also happens this doesn ’ t have to stick to tourist... Any neighborhood of the city Safety manager jobs in Detroit she LOVE the downtown Greek... It ’ s pretty parts of your more `` upscale '' suburbs, but you be. My feet at him with a slight frown uncomfortable than downtown Detroit is a great in! Be pleased to have you visit Number of armed guards there in downtown Detroit. Another spot that is such a lovely offer Gratiot without having issues of these people come back and me... Family/Person who would like to guide me? his old neighborhood safest neighborhoods to live and.
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