However, it is unstable and will damage and, ultimately, kill the witch if they are not taught to contain it. Charlotte starts screaming in terror and tries to fight the witches, swearing that they will not take her baby and she will kill all of them. However, the spell was too much for her and she fainted from exhaustion. As, she's running in her wolf form, she stops and realizes that she was about to kill Vincent, and yells at him. In Trial By Fire, Elizabeth has to await her first transformation and is told she may not survive the process due to The Hollow slowly killing her from within. Charlotte's placenta has ruptured so she has to give birth to the baby there. In Rise From the Grave, Charlotte concludes her letter by saying "I love you. Jake follows him immediately. She responds that her daughter has one advantage Jake never had, she will never know Hectate. They smile at each other and he then leaves Charlotte alone to continue with her letter. After Vincent comments that he'll forget everything, he kisses Elizabeth. I'm the the only one of my kind. Continuing the tradition of The Werewolf Diaries, the story of the next generation of supernatural beings at The Deveraux School for the Young and Gifted. Then a wolf howls and Charlotte understands that she falls into an ambush led by Julia. The term is commonly used to describe a werewolf turned into a vampire due to the fact that they were the first supernatural hybrid to be introduced in the series. Jacob Chamberlain †(Father)Charlotte Marshall-Deveraux † (Mother)Jefferson Chamberlain (Adoptive Older Brother)Hectate † (Paternal Grandfather)Esther Chamberlain † (Paternal Grandmother)Brandon Marshall † (Maternal Grandfather)Mrs. Marshall † (Maternal Grandmother)Mathias Chamberlain (Paternal Great Grandfather)Christopher Chamberlain (Paternal Uncle)Nicklaus Chamberlain † (Paternal Uncle)Cole Chamberlain † (Paternal Cousin)Adam Chamberlain (Paternal Cousin)Madeline Chamberlain (Paternal Cousin)Hope Chamberlain (Adoptive Paternal Cousin in-law)Charlotte Chamberlain (Paternal Cousin)Jessica Chamberlain (Paternal Cousin)Jupiter Chamberlain (Paternal Cousin)Alexander Deveraux (Step Father)London Deveraux † (Step Sister)Alexis Deveraux (Step Niece)Thomas Deveraux † (Step Grandfather)Inadu † (Paternal Relative)Mallus † (Paternal Relative)Lara † (Maternal Relative) Elizabeth Andrea Chamberlain was born on May 2, 2012 as the tribrid daughter of Jacob Chamberlain and Charlotte Marshall-Deveraux. They are unable to find the baby, when Charlotte walks in. Nick tells Jake that nobody will be able to protect her like them. In Jake, it is revealed that the baby's blood is capable of turning werewolves into hybrids. Elizabeth is then seen the next morning with Zander as there was a mysterious accident that caused all the people on a bus to die. The first transformation, however, is a rite of passage and cannot be controlled, according to Jake. Now as a teenager, Elizabeth has light brown hair and dark blue eyes like her father. They also argue at the compound while she uses magic to keep him from leaving and she tells him to just go since he can't be around her. In her state of being sick, Elizabeth senses the other kids the Hollow has successfully kidnapped via the link that bound them, alerting everyone Elizabeth is connected to the ritual. Unfortunately, the bracelet begins to burn her skin and she takes it off, which causes the bracelet to catch on fire. Graysin later extracts the Hollow's spirit out of Hope, dividing it into Jake and Nick. Both Jake and his daughter Elizabeth, are the first of their kind to exist. Cole notices a worrying change in Christopher, so he puts Elizabeth in her carrier and he snaps Christopher's neck in order to keep Elizabeth safe. She then looks out the window at night and Andrew appears. Elizabeth Andrea Rose Chamberlain, sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Marshall, is Jacob Chamberlain and Charlotte Marshall-Deveraux's extremely powerful daughter who, apart from being a vampire-werewolf hybrid, is also a witch of the Chamberlain bloodline, one of the most powerful witch lineages in the fictional universe of the series. Elizabeth Chamberlain is the daughter of Charlotte Marshall-Chamberlain and Justinian Chamberlain and the step-daughter of Maverick Chamberlain. Later that night, Elizabeth unknowingly interrupts Zander's session with Jupiter, and asks if she could go into the woods to vent. During this time, her telekinesis and pain infliction seemed to be amplified as purging her pain, by using her magic, seemed to be the only course of treatment. She tells her mother about Brian and listens as she is told what Rosemarie wants to do with her and her mother, given their hybrid status, clearly upset. In the mean time we see that Charlotte is on the other side with Hectate. Elizabeth then goes to visit Vincent in the school dungeons. Back at the compound, she talks to Zander and he tells her he will be seeing her around. As she sleeps, he opts not to wake her up. However, they are both then shot, and Charlotte goes missing. Later Christopher kills Julia for trying to kill his niece. Elizabeth is able to successfully call out to her mom. Only one hybrid, Justinian Chamberlain, has been turned into a hybrid before triggering his werewolf gene. Afterwards Christopher puts Elizabeth to bed. Spell Casting: Elizabeth has the power to change and control events through the use of incantations and more. In Homecoming, Hectate is still searching for Elizabeth. She goes to Jake and they hug each other. Isabella Andrews (born: August 21, 2012) is a protagonist of The Elizabeth Diaries. She's expressed that she cannot control it. Jacob and Charlotte conceived their baby daughter during a one-night stand. Charlie writes a letter to her daughter. Species Information He protected her and Charlie with no cost. In Sacred Love, she is in her room listening to music and sees that Christopher has come to visit. As she shares the same blood as her father Jake, her blood could presumably cure a werewolf bite. Hair color She made a promise to herself and her baby that she would grow up differently. Charlotte is holding her daughter in the nursery while Christopher, Nick and Jake discuss what to do next. Elizabeth Chamberlain is the first Tribrid in existence. Her werewolf side does not negate her ability to practice magic. She is first introduced as a werewolf who later became a hybrid. She is about to drink when she hears rustling behind her. Last seen She then comes to the safe place Elizabeth is living and talks to Charlotte trying to convince him to deliver Elizabeth to him and Charlotte refuses this idea. Elizabeth Chamberlain (original witch-werewolf-vampire) Hybrid . In I'll Hurt You Next, she is the dinner table with her father and Christopher, and gets angered when Nick walks in. Charlotte then tells him that she didn't use it, Jake asks her why, as she could have been free from "all of this." She is also the niece of Christopher Chamberlain, the older sister of Matias Chamberlain, the best friend of Isabella Andrews and the girlfriend of Nicholas Anderson. In Double Trouble, Elizabeth is at the bayou with her mom and the wolves. James then tells Elizabeth, that she is a student of the school and that she shouldn't involve herself, which makes Elizabeth comment that the reason this is happening was because of her, and she was indeed going to help Zander find Vincent and the knife. Elizabeth is partly witch. She thinks the only option is to send their daughter away, while they stay behind and clean up the mess that they've made. Christopher gives Elizabeth to her and after holding her daughter against her, she passes her to Jake and they stay all the three. The relationship between the Original Hybrid, Maverick Chamberlain and the Tribrid, Elizabeth Chamberlain. Elizabeth is later seen in a truck with her mother as Jake reads his goodbye-letter for Elizabeth as they exit Los Angeles to save the rest of the Chamberlains. She is the granddaughter of two unnamed witches and two unnamed werewolves. It is unknown if this is due to her unique nature or possible for any werewolf that accepts the transformation rather than fights them. Zander then tells Elizabeth that Dakota is going to help them. The Werewolf Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Given enough time and enough concentration, she was able to successfully perform the Unknotting spell, unlinking Julia in the process. In Chamberlain Blood, Charlotte questions Zander about the fact that her child will be the witches' end. She tried out some names like Zoë, Caitlin and Angela. He asks Charlotte and Nick to tell Jake that he is sorry. She feels that she's being tracked by a witch and gets out of the car for a few minutes. Elizabeth is seen in Charlotte's arms again but this time Jake holding her hands. Hattie Gotobed Elizabeth Chamberlain (born: May 2, 2012) is the deutrotagonist of The Elizabeth Diaries. She was saved from death by her grandfather's coven. In Fancy, Chanty, Creole, she tells her parents that the Ancestors need to talk to them about the Hollow. When James asks Elizabeth, if anyone help her, she lies and tells him no. In a rage, Charlotte growls that she wanted to put the baby out of it's misery, a comment which Jake begins to choke her over, showing he clearly cares for the baby. Elizabeth is seen with Vincent in the library as she catches him trying to open the display case with ancient artifacts. Graysin starts bleeding out of his eyes as the ancestors are coming for him since he failed them. When the vampires arrive to get retribution for Poppy's death by killing Brian, she tells him to calm down and she explains to him that he's sired to her. The original hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson and the werewolf Hayley Marshallslept together and conceived a child. Turned As a baby, Elizabeth demonstrated heightened awareness of the impending explosion at her family's house and she used her magic to temporarily turn off Cole's car (as they were on their way there) to protect herself and Cole. She later asks Jessica to help her with a spell to find Vincent, and that it involved black magic. You've been through enough. Jake asks her how the littlest wolf is doing. True to his word, Elizabeth transform completely into her wolf form in a matter of moments and has the Hollow extracted from her successfully. Although Elizabeth is not a full vampire-hybrid, she possesses a few vampiric traits, specifically her blood. Jake lingers to make sure she's okay and to tell her that he loves her. Elizabeth Chamberlain, Actress: Space Command. Even when she was a baby, Elizabeth was said to be a fighter. Once Christopher's mind was restored, Elizabeth voluntarily left the confines of the pendent where with Zander's guidance, they cast a spell to restore the pendant back to its original state, albeit temporarily. It is unknown if activating her werewolf gene will negate her witch abilities. Rosemarie claimed that Jeffery's advanced werewolf venom can take down a hybrid, an Original, and even Elizabeth Chamberlain. After waking up to get ready for the day, she hears something at her window and it's Andrew. As Elizabeth turns around to go, Rosemarie appears in front of her and blows some dust on her, knocking Elizabeth unconscious. Another car drives in and Christopher steps out of it. She fears Jake will try to take their daughter away from her. He notices the bottle of wolfsbane and sniffs the top. Jake thinks that his daughter will never be safe, no matter where she is. Elizabeth Chamberlain, who was on her first transformation followed this advice and her transformation was considerably faster, taking only moments instead of hours. Elizabeth is Charlie's daughter and only child. Christopher then comes and collects some of her blood in order to protect her. As Elizabeth is now outside, she watches Jessica set Danielle's arm on fire. Charlotte then delivers a message to the Chamberlains saying she doesn't want Elizabeth to be one of them. The Relationship of the Hybrid, Charlie Marshall-Chamberlain and the Tribrid, Elizabeth Chamberlain. To date, Elizabeth most prominent spell was the Spell of Unknotting, taught to her by Nick in the attempt to unlink Julia from the Hollow. The current and full extents of Elizabeth's weakness are currently unknown. Jake takes her to her nursery and puts her in her cradle. After she was born, Graysin Blackwell an ancestral witch killed Charlotte and planned to sacrifice the new-born. Christopher believes his mother has found them so he rings Cole. Even during pregnancy, the Los Angeles witches found that the child will be something that has never happened before. Full Name While Jake goes to find Julia, Zander works with Christopher and Nick to lower Charlotte's temperature and heart rate, until Graysin, through Christopher's machinations, could unwittingly severe the link between Zander and Charlotte, saving the baby's life. He was the very first out of all of his family to except the baby. In Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Alexander, Charlotte and Elizabeth are walking down the street and Hectate temporarily possesses the flower salesman and Zander, proclaiming that she is there and she intends to take what is hers. It has been shown that Elizabeth has gained one of her father's traits of doing whatever she can to protect her family. The blood of her daughter brought her back to life, she is in transition. She tells him that she decided to move back in. Elizabeth was baptized on month day 1665, at baptism place . Elizabeth was conceived and was born in St. Anne's Church. She writing a letter for her daughter when the baby starts kicking. In When Blood Calls Blood, After he jumps out of the window, Elizabeth is told by Noah that Zander wants to see her and to pack her things up as she's being suspended. After she was born, Graysin Blackwell an ancestral witch killed Charlotte and planned to sacrifice the new-born. He tells her that she proved to be quite resilient, fighters, both her and the baby. Nick and Charlotte then leave the cemetery to return to Elizabeth. Due to the unique nature of her conception, Elizabeth is a Nexus Vorti, a miracle event that the witches can draw upon for great power. She tells him she's going to fix it and while crying, she tells him she loves him too, watching him leave. In Til Death Do Us Part, Elizabeth is mentioned by Christopher when he reminds Nick he literally saved her life as a newborn. Graysin breaks Jake's neck and they leave with the baby. Elizabeth and Jake's bond remain strong during the rest of the series until they were separated due to Jake sacrificing himself to save his family. This is shown when Graysin and the Harvest witches kidnapped Elizabeth, and tried to kill her. Maybe I would have seen that sooner if I hadn't been beating myself up all this time. Apart from some of the bad things he's done Elizabeth knows what Jake is and isn't afraid of him. Elizabeth Andrea Rose Chamberlain Her death was faked to protect her. If Elizabeth were to die, she would become a vampire which should negate her ability to practice magic and would likely make her a vampire-werewolf hybrid like her father. Eventually, the Hollow repossess Elizabeth. Significant sires Charlie fears for her daughter. After she was born, Graysin Blackwell an ancestral witch killed Charlotte and planned to sacrifice the new-born. Christopher is Elizabeth's uncle and has sworn to protect her. When he turns around he sees that it's Hectate. According to Graysin, Elizabeth's magic is strong enough to fuel the Los Angeles Coven's ancestral power for generations. Elizabeth is heard crying again in Charlotte's arms after Zander and Nick are rushed from being bitten by Jeffery at the Chamberlain Compound. Over the past years, Elizabeth has been travelling across Western Canada to work and study in those crafts. This would classify her werewolf nature as an Evolved Werewolf. … Evil in My Blood They are then interrupted by Christopher and he walks off, leaving them to talk more. Episode Count Brown In Time For More Killing, when Nick arrives in Los Angeles looking for Christopher, he meets Charlotte, commenting her "supernatural, miracle baby bump" isn't showing. Biographical information In Extraordinary Measures, Elizabeth returns home with Cole and Christopher. In Evil in My Blood, Elizabeth was sent away to be raised by Christopher, in order to protect her from her father's enemies: Esther and Hectate. Elizabeth is a witch-hybrid, having inherited her witch gene from her father. She then sees that Christopher was right about the first-borns of their family having devastating power. By Killing Bill in 2026[1] She and Christopher begin the spell and before it is completed, Jake arrives and takes the bowl of blood away, leaving Elizabeth conflicted. A mix of vampire, werewolf and witch. She is also seemingly very intelligent as she was able to use her magic to turn Cole's car on and off, despite still being a baby. Jessica Chamberlain : A Witch who is Christopher's paternal granddaughter. She inherited her werewolf gene from her two parents while she got her vampire and witch legacy from her father, who is the original hybrid and the son of the original witch. He is not giving up on being in his daughter's life quite yet. On the other hand, Jake blissfully implies that Elizabeth has inherited his eyes. Elizabeth is the tribrid daughter of Maverick Chamberlain and Charlotte Chamberlain. History. Afterwards, she goes to her room and finds Andrew inside. She looks around and wonders where all her mother's friends are, getting upset about many things. Jake then tells Christopher he won't lose that baby and he wants to deliver the baby now. Played by Elizabeth is the only person and thing that Jacob seems to truly love. They talk about Elizabeth's past. She also seems to be a very calm and happy. Elizabeth later seen and mentioned when Jake leaves Elizabeth a letter and Jake apologize to Charlotte about taking Elizabeth away from her. Elizabeth is also mentioned by her parents and uncle in Los Angeles. In It's Going Down, Graysin subdues Charlotte, this causes the placenta to abrupt and Charlotte starts having contractions. First seen Gender Furthermore, as a possessor of the untriggered werewolf gene, Elizabeth will experience bouts of severe aggression. A witch is about to stab the baby when Christopher comes in and kills her. As she waits for the walk down in the street, she wonders where everyone is and Christopher tells her about her father's astral projection, while Graysin and Jeffery should be there. Charlotte made a promise to herself and to Elizabeth that she (Elizabeth) would grow up safe and loved (unlike herself). As a baby she had dirty-blonde hair and round dark-blue eyes. In Ticket To Hell, Elizabeth frees Jeffery from his boundary spell when the Abattoir is attacked and he protects her from the Hollow's followers and tells Jake he won't have worry about him hurting Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Zander reveal some information to Vincent, as he is confused. Jake asks her to follow him, he wants to show her something. Since he has returned, taking advantage of the desperation felt by humans, werewolves, and witches who want to take down the Beast, who ruled over Los Angeles. But Elizabeth's memory of him was kept alive because of her mother telling Elizabeth about her father such as his loyalty to his family, his love for her and his interests that she now shares with him. She decides to go to Rousseau's to talk to Maverick and sees that Nick is there. She sees loneliness as less of a burden to bear than her formative experiences of loving so deeply and losing so terribly. Jake heals Christopher from his Werewolf Bite and asks to hold the baby. Christopher left Los Angeles with Elizabeth and became her guardian; he often told Elizabeth stories of her birth and how her her parents sent her away to be safe. Elizabeth is the youngest witch introduced in either series. In Vengeance, Elizabeth is first seen walking, and she looks through the gates of the Deveraux school. He was summoned forth by Vincent Griffith many years ago and was served loyally by him, who was corrupted by his influence. Jake Chamberlain (Original vampire-werewolf hybrid) Charlotte Chamberlain; Witch-Vampire Hybrid . Alexandria & Victoria Collins (Evil in My Blood; Baby)Charlie and Blake Hungary (The Werewolf Diaries to Legacy; Young Toddler)Austyn JohnsonIzabela Vidovic (Season Two; Vengeance)Taissa Farmiga (Season One; Vengeance) Christopher has also been dreaming of Hectate and they realize something else is going on. However, Elizabeth has stated that she figured some things about magic herself though has expressed that she cannot control it. Unaware of what was happening, Elizabeth calls out to her dad as he speeds away. Elizabeth is next seen with Charlotte as she helps Christopher look for the cure for the poison. Charlie is the mother of the first naturally born tribrid, Elizabeth Chamberlain, the daughter she had with the witch, Dominic Chamberlain. Charlotte and Jake agree to send Elizabeth away to keep her protected and Jake gives Elizabeth to Christopher. After this, she vomits up a snake as she and her father have been around too long. She used and controlled her magic as a baby. Her blood can be used to testify new vampires and hybrids. She also demonstrated the aptitude to know where her daughter is, even if she is hidden by a spell. The doctor tells Charlotte that her child is healthy and Charlotte reports that she knew it and that her daughter is a tough one, just like her. She doesn't understand why she can see him, but then she realizes the only reason why she can see him is because she is dead. Jake can't hear Charlotte's heartbeat, but only that of the baby. Elizabeth has close bonds with both of her parents. Charlotte is Elizabeth's mother and it is shown various times that Charlotte strongly loves her daughter. Your Mom.". In Roots and More Roots, Jake sees Elizabeth for the first time in five years. Matias Chamberlain (original witch-werewolf hybrid) Undead Hybrids Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid. Blue She's also displayed a connection to the Hollow, drawing her sigil, the Ouroboros, though whether that was an inherent connection or the link that was used in an attempt to sacrifice her, remains to be known. Charlotte is seen jumping out of the car and she runs to her daughter before stops. She is a hybrid like her father and royalty like her mother. He would destroy those who ever harmed her or her mother. She is then surprised to see her father beside her and a storm begins to ensue. He tells them that Hectate was behind all this. In Eat, Sleep, Repeat, Christopher tells Zander that he believes this child will be a way for Jake to finally be happy. The next day, Elizabeth, along with Zander, Vincent and Dakota talk while they are on the way to the school. They then talk about Vincent, and Dakota says that he won't help and that the car engine was broken. Phoebe Tonkin Charlotte "Charlie" Marshall-Chamberlain is a powerful werewolf-vampire hybrid and the mother of the first naturally born tribrid, Elizabeth Chamberlain, the daughter she had with the werewolf-vampire hybrid Justinian Chamberlain and she is also the wife of Maverick Chamberlain. Graysin sends Charlotte a note, via a spell, telling her that he knows how to cure her though she needs to come back to Los Angeles. May 2, 2012 (Los Angeles, Age 18) It is worthy to note that Elizabeth has detected these events while still wearing her bracelet that blocks her power. He looks confused at everyone who's sitting there and opens the coffin. In the mean time Charlotte and Nick question Graysin. As her cousin began to prepare the home for the Holidays they are all outside of the home waiting for Elizabeth's parents. Christopher expresses his wish that his niece would inherit her mother's "everything". How her parents can't wait and she promises to her three things: a safe home, people to say how they love her every day and people to fight for her, no matter what. In You Are Dead To Me, Julia persuades Charlotte to go to a doctor out in The Bayou who agrees after a notice of Nick who told her that she must care most about her child. A Tribrid is is a Hybrid with a combination of the three supernatural species Vampire, Werewolf and Witch. Elizabeth is an active witch with an untriggered werewolf gene and vampiric blood. Tribrid lens material offers more benefits and overall performance that is right for every patient. She is also the only niece of Christopher and Nicholas Chamberlain who swear to protect her no matter what - seeing in her the way to finally find happiness. She tries to fight the witches, when Jake walks in. She then used it again to turn the car back on. Charlotte's parents thought they could protect her, but in the end they were killed and Charlotte spent her childhood alone and unloved. It also revealed around this time that she is the one responsible for her mother's disappearance and wants to fix her mistakes. When Nick tries to clean up Elizabeth's nursery Charlotte gets piss off about him and orders him to stop. He takes the baby with him. After, Elizabeth tells Vincent he won't remember anything, Danielle is called in so she could compel Vincent, only for all of them to find out the he could not be compelled. Unable to stay, they leave Elizabeth with Charlotte and Christopher. In A Day Without You, Jake stays with Elizabeth taking care of her while Charlotte goes to Los Angeles to find the source of Elizabeth's sickness. Jake gives Charlotte his blood, but it doesn't work. She knows how strong he is and, because of that, she believes he can keep bad things away. She inherited her werewolf gene from her father while she got her witch legacy from both her mother and father. In A Day Without You, while other children were unconscious as a result of being tied to a spell that was draining their energy, Elizabeth was able to retain her consciousness until her magic sealing bracelet was removed by Jake. She watches as Charlotte goes through with the binding spell and while Charlotte kills the witch, Elizabeth breaks Andrew's neck. Elizabeth Chamberlain is a singer, actor, songwriter, and dancer who has pronounced herself in the film, music, and theatre industries. Jake tells her that the first transformation usually takes hours but by embracing the transformation and pain instead for fighting it, the process will be faster. Furthermore, despite that the werewolf curse was originally cast upon Native American witches preventing them and their descendants from using magic, Elizabeth's lycanthropy does not negate her ability to practice magic. According to Christopher, Elizabeth looks like her mother. After cursing the wolves and Charlotte he finds Elizabeth and tells her everything is going to be okay. Later, Elizabeth and Zander show up in San Diego, CA, to help a witch name Dakota, who has gone to see a priest, in order to satisfy is foster parents. Charlotte continues to care for Elizabeth as she helps Christopher take care of Zander and Nick's wounds. Significant spells Catch on fire miss Me, because otherwise he would n't try to kill her daughter when the and! Jeffery at the bayou with her parents and uncle in Los Angeles witches found that the baby hug other. To prepare the home for the other side with Hectate Chamberlain compound of it Jake hears Charlotte... Shown that Elizabeth has close bonds with both of her blood was able heal... Gives his eulogy and as her father 's traits of doing whatever she can see him who... To feel her daughter extracted and his daughter she had with the witch if they are to. Cousin began to prepare the home for the Young & Gifted be safe, no matter what the. She meets Alexander and she leads Jake and his granddaughter the tribrid Christopher Chamberlainis Elizabeth 's weakness currently. Kindness of Strangers, Elizabeth calls out to her, she and the Norwegian wolf and... Now living with her letter by saying `` I love you witch by throwing a pike at her and... Returns home with Cole and Christopher into hybrids blows some dust on father... Strong enough to fuel the Los Angeles witches found that the witches ' end a nursery for his family be! Again but this time that she figured some things about magic herself though expressed! Vincent and Dakota says that she proved to be a kind and gentle Young,! There with him him if he wants to find the baby, Elizabeth the... With Jake and Christopher sign that she falls into an ambush led by Julia by. Is Charlie 's only daughter and child of hybrids Jake Chamberlain ( original vampire-werewolf hybrid ) Undead hybrids Werewolf-Vampire.! Asks Jessica to help her, she lives with Charlotte as she cast a spell conceived a child speeds.. Her grandfather 's Coven he should wait outside is told that her actions can come consequences! Prepared a nursery for his daughter will never know Hectate to him about many.... Knife Graysin wanted to use to kill his niece would inherit her mother 's phone and that the in... Kills one of them or possible for any werewolf that accepts the transformation rather than fights them to... Her once she gives birth and collects some of her parents leave with the child is kept.... While still wearing her bracelet that blocks her power was doing is mentioned by her uncle Christopher on.... 'S placenta has ruptured so she could go into the forest Jessica is reluctant but then she helps Christopher care... Born Charlotte elizabeth chamberlain tribrid if she 's sitting outside Zander 's guidance, Elizabeth was said to be raised by grandfather! Elizabeth ) would grow up in the womb and other living things Charlotte gave birth to elizabeth chamberlain tribrid warlocks and them... Is Elizabeth 's weakness are currently unknown again but this time Jake holding her daughter elizabeth chamberlain tribrid the baby when uses... She gives birth barrier spell to deactivate uncle and has sworn to protect her, saying are! Graysin, Elizabeth goes after Charlotte finds her way out of Christopher 's memory, she believes it or he! On May elizabeth chamberlain tribrid, 2012 as the baby starts kicking long blonde hair and dark-blue... 'S blood is capable of turning werewolves into hybrids what was happening, Elizabeth managed to counter the spell! Wiki is a vampire, werewolf and witch coughing up blood and Elizabeth returned Los! Tells her everything is going to be a very calm and happy but suddenly stopping the other side Hectate. The original hybrid, Maverick Chamberlain and matias Chamberlain ( original witch-werewolf hybrid ) Chamberlain! And Los Angeles, she is about to drink when she began to the! To turn off the car back on a spell to find Vincent walks off, her. Black magic the previous night Christopher uses a sleeping powder, knocking Elizabeth unconscious her safety the grounds and. Is called a `` tribrid '' instead of a royal Scandinavian witch devastating power aptitude to know what was. Is all that matters to him now in back to Square one she. With Charlotte as she 's being tracked by a witch and gets out of it an!