Check out some more of our handy guides below. Parrot names – 300 ideas from Macaws to African Greys, Dumbo Rat – A Complete Guide to Dumbo Ear Rats, Parakeet Names – 350 Ideas For Naming Your Beautiful Bird, Best Chicken Coop – Choosing The Best Home For Your Hens, What Do Baby Chicks Eat? Breeding season: early spring Incubation time: 26-28 days Number of eggs per clutch: 3-4 eggs Out of the nest: 50-65 days Age at weaning: 100-120 days (75-90 raised by hand). They are known for always trying to copy others whenever they possibly can. You will find these parrots to be very fun to have around. What are some unique names for African Gray Parrots. Required fields are marked *. A parrot’s ability to use human phrases often makes it a favorite pet of mischievous owners. Another way to pick a name for your pet is to focus on the hues of his feathers. Birds make fantastic pets and just like cats and dogs, they each have their own unique personality. There are so many people who just love how their parrots can say a certain thing all the time or mimic a sound. sarabi. Squeaks and Nibbles is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Squeaks and Nibbles is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Popular names TWO TYPES 1-Congo African grey, 2-Timneh African grey parrot. The grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus), also known as the Congo grey parrot, Congo African grey parrot or African grey parrot, is an Old World parrot in the family Psittacidae. We pick ours up on Friday it will be 16 week old then we have named it coco it is a Congo african gray, We pick ours up Friday it will be 16 week old then we have named it coco it is a Congo african gray. Sound: Parrots love to make noise and will mimic many different sounds, ranging from speech to the sound a truck makes when it is backing up (our parrot constantly makes a beep beep beep sound!). This can be a bit tough for some people to do who really are a bit clueless as to what they will want to call their little parrot. An I think I’m naming my little girl Ms. Heather Grey. Parrots may not be as intimidating as a big old mastiff, but who says they can’t be tough, too? The African grey parrot is a medium-sized, black-billed parrot with an average … lol, I’m looking 4 an African grey breeder that is truthful, I know 1 if You d like Just bout Yesterday at His House is very Honest. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Alex was an African grey parrot that surprised his caretakers and the world because he was able to identify and understand up to 150 words, distinguish colors and shapes and differentiating objects of all kinds.. Was it an isolated case? Email this Page. Parrot name generator - Minecraft . There are plenty of people who really just want to give their parrot any name that they can think of, but there are benefits to giving them a wonderful name with a meaning. Along with that, parrots can learn their name. The Kakapo parrot, found in New Zealand, is the only parrot that cannot fly. They are known for always trying to copy others whenever they possibly can. super lovers Talking Cockatoo Parrots,Grey Parrots,Amazon,Macaw and fertile eggs Talking Cockatoo Parrots,Grey Parrots,Amazon,Macaw birds. Nobody ever said that giving an animal a funny celebrity name is wrong. Rat Names – Over 200 Great Ideas For Naming Your Pet... Hamster Breeds – Differences, Similarities, and Choosing the Best One. With their bright colors, parrots are the perfect candidates for cute names like the ones below. Once tamed they will sit … All parrots can talk, but not as Alex did. Do you want to be breeder? African gray parrots are the most popular type of pet bird in the world and are the greatest mimic of human speech among 350 known parrot species, according to … “The development of independent toy play during the period of intense learning between fledging and the onset of sexual maturity is the key to a well-adjusted adult African grey parrot. When you name your pet bird, you get to help shape your feathered friend’s identity for years to come. Click on a term to search for related topics. The Tinmeh African Grey is actually a different species from the Congo Grey.Both species come from Western Africa. If you adore your parrot’s coloring, why not name them after it? But for a lot of us, choosing a name isn’t so easy. Your email address will not be published. Display Modes: Linear Mode. African Grey Parrot Names +68 Best & Cute Ideas [with Video] Are you searching for the African Grey Parrot Names? A cute name for an african grey would be Casper. Still looking for a name. African Grey Parrot. If your parrot is grey, these names might be suitable: Ghost; Gray; Mercury; Mink; Shadow; Silver; Smoke; Steel; Sterling; Storm; Fun Facts About Parrots. The African grey, true to its name, sports mostly grey feathers, some with a beautifully thin, pale edging. He was the subject of a 30 year study to understand how intelligent parrots could be, and his name was short for Avian Language Experiment. They’ve got everything you need to know and more! Some other colorful bird names include: Some mostly gray-colored birds in the yard live with us year-round while others come only in summer and yet others come only in winter. They may be simple in coloration, but the African grey parrot is very complex in feelings, which means the name you choose should reflect it! These birds tend to come in a variety of sizes and shades of gray … nelson or mandela(we actually found a grey with this name in a book) i like the name ash. What are the most suitable toys for African Gray Parrots. After all, whatever name we choose will stick with this animal for years — or in a parrot’s case, decades — to come. We have macaw parrots, cockatoos, ostriches, Emu, cockatiels, caiques, African grey parrots, Amazon parrots etc. This list of the best parrot names includes some firm favorites that are sure to be well-received: But of course, there are plenty more you can choose from too! Of course, you can also use these choices for a male bird if you prefer. If your parrot always says “Hey, what’s up Doc?” then giving them the name ” Bugs Bunny” can be a great idea. Life span 40 - 50 years. His name is Tori. Thalamus is a great name for an African Grey! My little “Poopsy” loves to yell “I pooped!” or “I did a Poopy!” And being a parrot, she’s darn good at it! Berg KS et al. Our most common mostly gray-colored yard bird is the Tufted Titmouse. I have a now-6.5 year old pet female Congo African Grey Parrot named Aziza, which means “Gorgeous” in Swahili. If so, the names below might be your speed. If your parrot always makes the noise of a sink as the water falls down, then maybe giving him or her the name “washy” can be a cute idea. Now it is certain that you are going to have ideas about what you want to name your bird before you ever even bring them home. Consider paying close attention to how they act as well. I do apologise if its in the wrong place. Click on a term to search for related topics. Parrots are found in jungle biomes and come in 5 different color varieties. Vertical transmission of learned signatures in a wild parrot. Congos are about a third larger than Timnehs. For example, you could call them Einstein or be funny and … Your Pregnant Hamster – How To Care For Her During Pregnancy... Gerbil Vs Hamster – What’s The Difference And Which Is Best... Syrian Hamster – A Complete Guide To A Pocket-Sized Pet, Cute Guinea Pig Names – 200 Unique Names To Choose From. Since his s tail feathers are red it looks like his bottom is on fire. These parrots are unique and definitely worth looking into buying. ), Echo or Chirpie. Parrots, also known as psittacines (/ ˈ s ɪ t ə s aɪ n z /), are the 402 species of birds that make up the order Psittaciformes, found in most tropical and subtropical regions, of which 387 are extant.The order is subdivided into three superfamilies: the Psittacoidea ("true" parrots), the Cacatuoidea (cockatoos), and the Strigopoidea (New Zealand parrots). You will find these parrots to be very fun to have around. simba. When it comes to picking a name for your pet parrot, there really are no rules. You should really consider looking into finding a cute African Gray Parrot and choosing its name carefully. Good names based on sound may be Ozzy (if you have a screamer like Ozzy Osborne ! Giosue on July 18, 2020: We have a Blue-fronted Amazon named Amadeus. We have macaw parrots, cockatoos, ostriches, Emu, cockatiels, caiques, African grey parrots, Amazon parrots etc. We hope our article can help you discover the perfect name for your new parrot. The blue parrot or blue macaw are also very clever. If you enjoy teaching your pet to crack jokes or mock people, you might like some of these funny options. We have parrots of all ages and we sell mostly babies and younger birds. It's said that they have the cognitive abilities of a 3 – 6 year-old … Did you know any of these parrot facts? I’ve owned my Congo African Grey for 13 years now. Budgerigar. Just remember that using your mind, their looks, and whwt they say can help you choose. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I have a 6.5 year old Congo African Grey Parrot named Aziza, and she is wonderful! We’d love to hear your stories about pets, as well as your favorite parrot names, in the comments. Many of us know that parrots are talkers, capable of mimicking the human language and learning to use different phrases or sentences. There are two distinct subspecies of the African grey parrot: the Congo African grey (Psittacus erithacus erithacus), also called the red-tailed grey and the CAG, and the Timneh African grey (Psittacus erithacus timneh), or TAG. Eric Johansson on … He was trained by his owner Dr Pepperberg, an animal psychologist to understand shapes, colour and basic vocabulary. Maybe the more classic male and female names aren’t for you and you want something a little cooler instead. Having a great idea about a name is one thing but waiting ... Continue Reading about Best Bird Names: Popular, Male, Female, Cute, and Unisex! BIRD NAMES A Aaron / Abacab / Abby / Abbot / Abe / Abel / Abner / Abu / Ace / Achilles / Achoo / Achmed / Addie / Adolph / Adonis / Aegis / Africa / Aggie / Aida / Aiko / Aisa / Aimee / Ajax / Akasha / Often the large Congo greys were “Cameroons” because they were once thought to be a subspecies from that area, but in truth, the larger birds were smuggled into Cameroon and had that country listed on their export papers. If you are still deciding on a name, use the tips above to help you come up with the right name that will suit into their name and interests the most. My son named his Athol an the little guys recognizes an loves it. My male is a 10 yr old male named Congo. She seems to like it so far…. If you know the type of name you’d like, click the links below to jump straight to that section! Because of this, a unique name could be fitting for your bird. The African grey parrot (P. erithacus), together with the recently separated Timneh parrot (P. timneh) are amongst the most popular avian pets in Europe, the USA and the Middle East.Consequently, their native populations in the rainforests of West and Central Africa are suffering from the harvesting of wild birds for the international pet trade. You have entered an incorrect email address! And they will not be afraid to ask for it. best timneh grey parrot names, best top 20 african grey names, names for african greys, timneh african grey names, timneh names. Our baby is the softest mixture of grey and white. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Our parrots are hand raised,tamed, affectionate, intelligent and well socialized!! The name you give your parrot is going to be the main name that they will alqays be using no matter what. Here are some interesting facts about parrots. If they are folling around, giving them the name of a comedian can be a really cute idea. 2011. African Grey Parrot Facts: Speech and Intelligence. It might seem all in good fun to name your pet bird something funny, but if you'll be embarrassed when your vet calls your bird's name in the waiting room, that name … grey parrot nick names, grey parrot nicknames, nick name of parrot, nick names for parrot, nicknames for parrot, pet names for african grey parrots, some nick names for little parrot. Switch to Hybrid Mode. From Birth To The Laying Stage, Baby Chicken – What To Expect From Egg To 8 Weeks Old. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. lol Unfortunately those NOT of my generation had a hard time with that name though is was almost as fun to watch as it was to watch him figure out how he really wanted to pronounce his own name. Movies too can be a source of inspiration when it comes to naming your pet parrot. The best birds deserve the sweetest, funniest, or quirkiest name, depending on their personality. Lewis says that he’s seen a pair of finches called Mr. Gray and Mrs. White and a parrot named Mellow Yellow. They can be tamed using seeds. The African Grey Parrot is famous for being able to mimic speech. Fnd a celebrity that you just love so much, and then name your parrot after them. Celebrities are always having their names taken out of context often. Below are some of our favorite name ideas for male parrots, but you can always mix it up and use them for a female, too! This … emily on July 26, 2020: i am making a slide show on why i should get a bird and i am making a list of names and this really helped. Who isn’t a sucker for an adorable name? African grey parrot size. Latin name: Psittacus erithacus Adult weight: 370-550 g. Sexual maturity: 4 to 6 years. Casper would be a cute name for a male African Grey. Pair this with their long lifespan, and choosing a name becomes a pretty serious matter. Origin. We have created this article with different genres of name ideas in the hopes that we can help you find the perfect name for your feathery friend. These animals are unique, different, and they are always funny. bird names; Popular Names All Names Bird Names Cat Names Dog Names Fish Names Reptile Names Let's face it! Parrots are beautiful, intelligent birds. Perhaps "gray" sounds drab when identifying birds in the yard, but the plumage is surprisingly lovely. These are some of the best African grey parrot names to choose from. You can choose names like Paulie, from the movie ‘Paulie’, Iago, from the movie ‘Aladdin’, or Blu, from the movie ‘Rio’. But there’s a lot more to a parrot than what meets the eye. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Though it depends on the type of parrot, wild parrots can live for up to 80 years. Top 12 African Grey Parrot Names . We’ve included plenty of recommendations for boy bird names, girl bird names, and names for parakeets, lovebirds, macaws, and more. Those really are just a couple of examples. We have parrots of all ages and we sell mostly babies and younger birds. How smart is an African grey parrot? We have macaw parrots, cockatoos, ostriches, Emu, cockatiels, caiques, African grey parrots, Amazon parrots etc. If their face looks similar to an old lady, you can call the parrot “Granny” or any other old person’s name that you would like to use. Our parrots are hand raised,tamed, affectionate, intelligent and well socialized!! This site contains everything what you need to know about African Grey Parrots - about behavior, care, talking, lifespan. +1(661) 347-6983 contact me via text for quick and fast responds thanks, Your email address will not be published. Our parrots are hand raised,tamed, affectionate, intelligent and well socialized!! African Grey Parrots (also called Congo Grey Parrots) are medium sized, mostly grey and white with red tail feathers. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. They are known for their ability to talk and mimic human speech and for this reason they are often kept as pets. Famous parrot names Alex the African Grey is the most famous parrot of them all. African grey parrot age Life expectancy: 50 to 60 years. Budgerigar or common pet parakeet is an intelligent talking bird native to Australia. Yes, I was highly unoriginal and gave him a Japanese name that means ‘Bird.’ But he responds very well to it, and not may people around here know the name’s true meaning (those that do think it’s hilarious!). My babies are now on sale,+1(661) 347-6983 contact me via text for quick and fast responds thanks, ba We are licensed breeders of a wide variety of parrots and exotic birds. Flocks of African Grey Parrots will travel long distances in order to find fruit-bearing trees. That’s why it’s good to have options. If your parrot is red, you might like these names: If your parrot is yellow, these names might be preferable: If your parrot is green, check out these names: If your parrot is blue, have a look at these options: If your parrot is grey, these names might be suitable: Many people are attracted to parrots because of their beautiful colors and their ability to “talk.”. Once a parrot knows what its favorite treat is called. Most of them are used to having their names become the names of other animals. Here is a list (huge list) of parrot names, if your like me and undecided on a name, this may help you. A couple of unique names to give your parrots. Consider giving your favorite celebrity a cute little name whenever possible of a celebrity. The only thing more difficult than naming your first-born child is deciding on a name for your pet. Sometimes, you may also have to deal with multiple opinions if the parrot is going to be a family pet. For example, the African grey parrot are particularly well-known for their intelligence. Just be sure to use a lot of your creativity, and you will surely enjoy calling your parrot by its name. African Grey Parrot Colors and Markings . Good names include Frosty, Sparky, Isaac and Casper. African Grey Parrot > What are some unique names for African Gray Parrots. Whether you want a funny name or a cute one, it’s all up to you. These animals are unique, different, and they are always funny. We have parrots of all ages and we sell mostly babies and younger birds. You always want to find out about their looks and face. Also, make sure that whatever name you choose is a name you'll feel comfortable telling your vet, friends, and family.